NeuNeo hvd2085 1080i DVD player

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neuNeo hvd2085Wow, a 1080p DVD player – under 250 bucks!

Well, it’s actually 1080p over component, with a firmware upgrade for 1080p over HDMI. And then there’s the less than stellar review at AVS.


However, I wonder why I have to buy the player and then upgrade it? Why don’t they just do the upgrade themselves, that makes me wonder a bit.

NeuNeo HVD2085

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  1. Grant Zelych Says:

    review title: HVD2085 Player Skips & Stutters Its Way Into the Garbage Bin!

    I’ve purchased the subject player and have viewed it on the following sets at 720p and 1080i ( 1080p never worked ) over component video:

    toshiba 50HX70, rear projection CRT
    toshiba 72MX195, DLP

    I’ve set up the subject player using the THX optimizer test patterns for contrast and grey scale. I’ve observed the following serious problems, or deficiencies:

    – on source video that is dark like; room interiors, caves, night the video this player produces is an unwatchable mass of black with very little visible detail ( observed in
    several movies but very noticeable in Raiders of the Lost Arc opening scenes, etc ).
    – player will not display 1080p on my 1080p capable toshiba 72MX195. No help on this problem ever arrived from the socalled Neodigit technical support. They blamed the toshiba 72MX195, DLP TV and just had no clue as to what to do.
    – player “skipped” a minute of the arrival in venice in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade. It did this repeatedly. I was not able to watch that minute of the movie. Then, through out venice, and after, the movie would stutter over seconds of video. It would also lose
    video and audio sync ( voice and mouth movement would not match ). Update: Skipping and stuttering is a very serious problem with this machine. The move FARGO was unwatchable. Whole sections of this movie were skipped over by this machine. I call it the players undocumented DVD random scene editing feature.

    I am astonished at how badly the HVD2085 player performs on video that is dark. Of the several DVD players I’ve had ranging from $25 to $600, i.e.: several toshibas, an apex, a koch, and the panasonic RP-91, this NeuNeo player is by far the worst I’ve ever seen when it comes to reproducing blacks and dark scenes in general. The remote is weak, difficult to use, and generally the worst remote I’ve ever tried to use.

    Conclusion: Avoid this player and this company.

    Contacting Neodigits technical support was equally frustrating. I sent them an email, waited for two weeks, and recieved no reply. I finally recieved a reply to an email the seller of this player sent on my behalf.