Hot Gifts for the Season – from Wired

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Wired surveyed about 2000 peeps and came up with these top choices for gifts:

Top Three Gifts for Early Adopters:
1. Laptop
3. Digital camera

Top Choices for the Men on your List:
2. Home theater system
3. Laptop

Top Three Picks for Her:

1. Household appliance
2. Digital camera
3. MP3 player

Three Best Bets for a Grandparent:
1. Household appliance
2. Digital camera

Three Hot Choices for Kids:
1. MP3 player
2. Laptop
3. Digital camera

Interesting list, and I think the results are right-on. Why? Each top 3 contains an HDTV or home theater system, except for women and children. Why? Because their husbands and fathers already got it on their list.

Trickle down economics at their best.

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