Media Center Platinum HDTV Edition

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Media Center Platinum HDTV Edition
This media center PC looks like a great choice if you’re in the market for an HTPC, but don’t want to build one yourself.

Base price of $2500 includes:

– Digital Video Recorder (better than TiVo*), including over-the-air HDTV
– Record up to FOUR programs at once (2 SD** & 2 OTA HD)
– Up-Converting DVD player (plays back DVDs at your TV’s resolution)
– Music jukebox
– Internet radio
– 7.1 channel Intel High Definition audio (analog and digital out) including Dolby Digital Live (converts 2 ch source to 5.1 channel in real time and output via S/PDIF)
– Photos slidehows
– High Definition gaming (try doing that with your Xbox or PS2)
– DVD and CD burning (burn your favourite TV shows to DVD)
– Multiple room capable
– Remote record (schedule TV recordings over the Internet from anywhere in the world)
– Stream your content to another PC or handheld anywhere in the world (using Orb Networks)
– Xbox 360 ready (!)
– Microsoft Media Center Keyboard
* In many people’s opinion…
** Requires two set-top boxes

The unit comes in a clean, black case. Options include larger HHDs, up to dual 500 gigs – 1 TB and dual HD tuners for a reasonable $100.

Definitely worth checking out.

Media Center Platinum HDTV Edition from s1Digital

2 Responses to “Media Center Platinum HDTV Edition”
  1. Anonymous Says:

    At this point we should be waiting for Windows Vista and for some HD-DVD or BluRay drive. As well I will expect an HDMI output from the PC — so I’ll be waiting until all of that arrives before investing several grand in a new home PC.

  2. Home Theater Dude Says:

    Right on, I hear you on the next gen dvd drive. This unit does come with HDMI (adapter), btw.

    Would upgrading the drive and OS later not be a good idea for you?