ColorVision SpyderTV Review

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SpyderTV HTGuys just took a look at the ColorVision SpyderTV.

If you’re like me, and you think anything is worth doing to the utmost perfection – at almost any cost, this thing is for you, too.

It basically attaches to the HDTV screen and detects when your set is optimally adjusted, taking a lot of guesswork out of the process. They ain’t cheap, at around 250 bucks, but it’s one of the tools of the trade, if you’re in it to win it.The entire calibration took about 30 minutes and was simple to do.

The experience consisted of making a selection on your DVD player, starting a measurement, and then making an adjustment on the TV. There is no subjectivity to the process. The only limitation is that the only inputs that can be calibrated are those that you can connect to a DVD player (same is true for the DVE DVD). What you can do for the inputs that you can not connect a DVD to is start with the settings from the DVD input and then make adjustments by eye if necessary,

The SpyderTV is an easy way to get the best picture out of your TV.

SpyderTV Review

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