Flat-panel TV stand from Sanus

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sanus plasma stand
This Platinum model PFFP2b flat-panel TV stand from Sanus looks great. I thought, yeah! Great one! Until I saw the price. Over 500 bucks? Come on! Gimme a break. I think I could rent a welder, buy some steel stock and make my own for a fraction. And plus, I’d have fun at it. Hey this is a DIY site you know…

[UPDATE] Looks like this jewel can be had for a little over 3 Benjamins:

Seriously though, it does look like a solid stand with a neat tilt feature. If your flat screen needs a stand, and you’ve got a spare 500 300…

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  1. Tina Lee Says:

    How much does it cost for handling& shipping this PFFP2B to S.C.
    zip code 29577 ?