BenQ PE-8720 Projector Review

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BenQ PE8720
I came across a preliminary review of this awesome Darkchip 3 DLP home theater projector that should be available very soon.

Keep in mind, this review was done an an evaluation, pre-production PE8720 unit. However, it should be pretty close to the final product.

Basic stats:
-1000 lumens
-Powered by a single Darkchip3 DLP chip
-Maximum contrast: 6200:1
-Lamp life: 2000 hours at ful-l power, 3000 in economy mode
-Noise: less than -26db full power, less than -23db, economy mode
-Faroudja video processing, (DCDi, etc.)
-Sealed light path

Looks like this one is going to be a winner.
(Possibly the best yet, under $10k)

Excellent image quality. (After tweaking)
2000 hour lamp life
No discernable light leakage.
100″ picture from 13 to 17.8 feet.

Expected street price is 7-8000.

Kudos to BenQ for an excellent overall projector, whos most notable issues should be corrected with new gamma, IRE, color tables in the upcoming production models. (And if they don’t get it all fixed, there shouldn’t be anything that a professional calibration won’t cure!)

If you are torn between those under $5000 projectors available online, and the $10,000+ models available only through local dealers, this new home theater projector from BenQ appears to deliver that $10K+ performance at a somewhat more affordable price.

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