InFocus 777 Projector Review

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infocus 777 No, it’s not a spacecraft. No, it’s not an infrared heat sensitive camera.

It’s the flagship projector from InFocus!

Man, that thing just looks awesome doesn’t it? I wish I had one, maybe I’ll just run out and buy one right no…. mustt… resist…whew.
Ok, for 15 grand, we might have to skimp on something else in life. (hhmmm… let’s see kids, mortgage, college, new roof) Bah! Priorities!

Anyway, if you are in the market for a top-of-the-line DLP projector, and won’t have to sell your children to do so, this bad mamma-jamma should be at the top of your list.

Ok, on to the review:

Type: DLP
Native Resolution / Aspect Ratio: 1280 by 720 / 16:9
Lamp Life : 2,000 hours
Dimensions (H x W x D, inches) 8.5 x 23.7 x 28.4
Weight (pounds) 44.4
Price: $14,999 (with standard throw lens)
Connections : DVI (1), D5 (1), RGB D-Sub 15-pin (1), component (2, RCA and BNC), S-video (2), composite (1)

Overall Rating: 93
If you have the means, there should be little to dissuade you from getting a 777. Its light output is extraordinary, the color points are nearly perfect, and everything else is damn-near excellent. This is how you make a projector.

InFocus 777 full review
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  1. InFocus ScreenPlay 777 Says:

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  2. David Spear Says:

    I am in the market for a front projector and the article I read on the Infocus 777 was excellent.
    My question is if you have had the chance to review the Sony VPL VW100 RUBY and if so how would you compare the two. Do you feel that HDMI Or blue ray technology should be a consideration now.

  3. David Spear Says: