Xbox 360: Popular Science’s Top Home Entertainment Innovation 2005

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xbox 360 Popular Science names Xbox 360 the best of what’s new in home entertainment 2005, one of twelve categories for the best of what’s new. The December issue is due out in about a week.

“The first of the next-generation gaming consoles, the new Xbox 360 is not just about games — the 360 is poised to take over the living room as well. The 360 is the first Media Center extender that receives and plays back HDTV from Media Center PCs, and it comes with a free lifetime subscription to the Xbox Live online service.”

Looks like they missed the details about live subscriptions, but hey, they are mainstream media after all. You can’t expect too much. 😉

I do think they picked a fine product. But, of course, I could be biased…


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