Sony KDS-R50XBR1 SXRD Review

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I have found yet another review of this popular unit. This thing has caused quite the buzz lately. In this review, Sound and Vision Magazine take an in-depth look at this beaut.

This 50 inch rear projection set has a list price of $4000 but I’ve seen it as low as $3000. (Check the deals tab at left.)

•Excellent HDTV picture detail.
•Rich, natural color.
•Excellent black rendition and shadow detail.
•Wide selection of effective picture adjustments.
•Custom picture memory for each input.

•No antenna signal-strength meter.
•No support for 1080p-format HDTV signals.

•1,920 x 1,080-resolution SXRD display
•Built-in HDTV tuner
•Digital cable-ready
•Variable Auto Iris contrast enhancement
•Inputs CableCARD slot; 2 HDMI (one with analog audio for DVI sources); 3 i.Link (FireWire); 2 component-video and 3 A/V with composite/S-video, all with analog stereo audio; 2 RF cable/antenna; VGA with minijack analog stereo audio; Memory Stick Pro slot
•Outputs optical digital and analog stereo audio

BOTTOM LINE I have so many good things to say about Sony’s KDS-R50XBR1 HDTV that it’s tough to sum it all up. First, there’s the gorgeous picture, which combines natural color and deep, CRT-like blacks with fine resolution. Then there’s the extensive feature set and picture tweaks, which go well beyond many other televisions. Finally, there’s the price tag. Four grand might seem high compared with similar-size rear-projection HDTVs, but very few of these offer 1080p display.

Perhaps the only real downside here is the Sony’s inability to show true 1080p HDTV signals. It’s not alone here among 1080p displays, and it’s a minor issue — there are no easily obtainable 1080p sources right now. That could change with the pending Blu-Ray and HD-DVD high-definition disc formats. But with so many other things going for it, I’ll lay bets that Sony’s newest SXRD offerings are going to shake things up in HDTV-land. ”

Read the Full Review at Sound And Vision Magazine

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  2. Jeff Says:

    As far as the con’s go. There is in fact a signal strength meter for the OTA. It is located on the diagnostics page.

  3. Curt Welch Says:

    The diganostics option on the setup menu is greyed out on my TV. How do you get to the diagnostics page???

  4. Curt Welch Says:

    I found the answer about the diag menu. It contains a signal strength meter which I believe only shows up if you are on the antenna input, and if you have run the auto channel find, and if there are digital signals being received – or some combination like that….