Why Is the Film Industry Floundering?

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I found an interesting article over on Film Gecko today, titled “Why Is the Film Industry Floundering?”

Erin cites Cost, Atmostphere, Movie Release Timing and Competition. I found it an interesting read, but would add a couple of points:

1) Convenience. I get to push play when I want, pause to go umm, stretch my legs when I want, and rewind to make sure I caught what that actor just said. I get to chill on my big comfy couch and stretch out. I can wait until my wife-unit comes home, and we may get to watch an odd dvd when we get that unexpected available 2 hours.

Shoot, I don’t even have to go get rentals. I let Netflix mail me DVDs and I watch them at my leisure.

2) The social aspect. I often view movies with friends. If we go to the theater, we go, enter theater to watch, and then leave. We have maybe a few minutes of social time before the flick starts. If I host the movie, we can cookout, hang out together before and after, maybe even watch another film. Friends are a good thing – righteous HTdudes build those relationships.

I’ve been harping on this for a while. Increasing prices, crappy ad-ridden theaters vs. a great experience in my home? A no brainer.

Film Gecko Post

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