LG DVB418 Upconverting DVD Player Review

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lg dvb 418 dvd player review

LG’s DVB418 is the big brother to the DVB318, which I have on a personal install. I love the DVB318, it upconverts to 1080i over component and the output is great, offering more detail than standard 480p.

Let’s see how the DVB418 fares under the eyes of designtechnica:

High end appearance and styling
Rich features and audio/video output options
Excellent picture quality

No indication of resolution or HDMI mode available remotely.
Memory card picture playback is extremely slow
No video enhancement from the up-conversion processing
Does not come with a cable (HDMI)

The LGDVB418 DVD player is feature rich, very attractive, and intuitive to operate. The picture quality was excellent with both Component Video output and HDMI output. However, we were not able to discern that resolution up-conversion added anything to the video quality. This may be due to the high quality of the Hitachi plasma display in all resolution modes or it could simply mean that the LGDVB418 does not use any signal processing tricks to enhance the video quality during the up-conversion.”

Bummer, too bad it didn’t live up the the 318’s reputation. I fully recommend the 318, it can still be found at retail:

Full Review – DVB418

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