Studios Asked for Smoking Warnings on DVDs

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No, not for when your DVD catches fire, but for all those young and impressionable minds that are watching DVDs full of cancer-stick puffers and draggers.

I’m sure some will hate the notion, and I’m not so sure how effective it may be, but I think the intentions are at least good.

With a new study showing that exposure to on-screen smoking prompts many American adolescents to light up, attorneys general from 32 states want Hollywood to slap anti-smoking admonitions on all new DVDs.

They signed a letter sent this week to 10 movie studios asking executives to add anti-smoking public service announcements to all home-viewing releases that depict smoking.

Interesting factoid – Out of 6,522 adolescents asked, 38 of every 100 who tried smoking did so because of their exposure to smoking in movies. Wow.

News Article – USAToday

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