Epson Cinema 550 Review

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epson cinema550 front projector Here’s a new review from Projector Reviews, on the Epson PowerLite Cinema 550.

I’m not real wild about the projector reviews on that site, as the reviewer doesn’t calibrate the projectors beforehand. That can be a plus to some, especially if they just want something that looks great out of the box. However, I’m a tweaker. A $30 disk and a couple hours of tweaking adjustments produces worthwhile gains.

That said, on to the review:

Excellent “Living Room” mode for dealing with rooms with ambient light, yet produces very good color, and contrast balance
Good color in Theater Dark modes, but requires minor adjustment for best color accuracy
Brightest projector in its class
The greatest range in lens shift of any projector we have tested, for maximum flexibility in mounting, or allowing the projector to be placed well below the bottom of the screen.
Very quiet in Theater Dark modes
Excellent warranty with overnight replacement program
Many u ser savable settings
Excellent remote control
Many preset modes for handling everything from darkest modes for best black levels, to bright modes for dealing with ambient light.

Noisier than several other competing projectors in it’s non Theater Dark modes
Image slightly soft on DVDs (480 resolution)
Black levels are good, but others exceed the Epson’s performance

“Overall, the Epson is excellent for users with mixed viewing requirements, (sports, HDTV, movies, and probably gaming), especially if you don’t want to fully darken your room. For those primarily interested in DVD viewing, however other projectors do exceed its performance. While black levels and shadow detail are very good, a few others do better.”

From this review and other opinions I’ve heard, I would recommend thoroughly checking out the Sanyo PLV-Z4 or the Panasonic AE900U before making a decision. I think these models offer more bang for your buck than the Epson.

Epson Cinema 550 – Overview

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