Sony HS-60 Review

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Sony VPL-HS60As front projector fans anxiously await the availability of the Sony HS-60 front projector, here is a review from avbuzz.

“The black level is so impressive that you never imagine such solid black coming from an LCD projector. The black is pure [and] does not have green bugs like DLP projectors… The picture is sharp and clean. The color is vibrant and vivid, but not over saturated.

Although the HS60 is more expensive than other 720p LCD projectors, its build quality is worth the extra cost. Sony has already eliminated or minimized the typical weaknesses of LCD projectors. Nothing is perfect. I hope Sony will improve the response time of the dynamic iris to get rid of the blinking effect… Comparing DLP projectors in the same price range, I reckon the HS60 presents better color than Benq 7700 and the Sharp Z2000. The contrast is not lagging behind the DarkChip2 DLP Projectors. ”

If you are looking for a 720p LCD projector, make sure you include this model as an option.

Sony HS-60 details – AVS Forum

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