Samsung HL-R6768W Review

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Samsung HL-R6768WCnet takes a look at this 67″ 1080p rear projection behemoth from Samsung.

The review final rating is Very Good, 7.6/10.

Noteworthy on this HDTV are the 1080p input (but it’s only for PC input) and very deep blacks.

The good: Excellent color accuracy after calibration; superb black-level performance; generous connectivity, including 1080p-capable computer input; exhaustive feature package.

The bad: Black level changes on the fly due to permanent implementation of the DNIe circuit; severe edge enhancement in most picture modes; cannot accept 1080p signals via non-PC inputs.

The bottom line: The Samsung HL-R6768W is a strong contender for the best 1080p HDTV we’ve reviewed yet, but nondefeatable DNIe processing spoils its chances.”

Samsung HL-R6768W Full Review

5 Responses to “Samsung HL-R6768W Review”
  1. Gill M Says:

    I own a Samsung HL-R6168W and have dvd and directv hd connected via hdmi, however the dark scenes have this dominant greenish hue flickering inside the blacks and the picture has this “35mm negative film” look to it. Any suggestions? Will calibration take care of it? Thanks.

  2. Home Theater Dude Says:

    The first thing to do is calibrate. That should take care of the green push and the film grain.

    I’m not sure about any flickering, though. Check your results after a good calibration.

    I wrote a bit about calibration here:

    Let me know how it works out.

  3. Gill M Says:

    Just to keep you updated I have a professional ISF calibrator scheduled to come in late 01/06, which was the earliest available slot. At $350 for the 1st color and $100/color thereafter seem on the pricey side? Something else I noticed now is during “fast/speed” motion shots, i.e. a olympic swimmer, I can see several “digital squares” which make the picture up in the “moving water” surrounding the swimmer??? Is my SAMSUNG a lemon or will clibration take care of that? After paying $3,300 for the set I’m starting to have REGRETS and think I have a lame duck on my hands???? Thanks

  4. Home Theater Dude Says:

    That price seems about right, but I usually do my own. Check out this forum:

    for more info on calibration.

    I’m not sure what you’re seeing regarding “digital squares,” what is the source of this material? (Maybe it is feed compression or signal loss?)

  5. Gill M Says:

    Hi, the calibration tech was here and after 2hrs of fumbling around he said he wasn’t able to access the service menu for the Samsung HLR6168W even when he tried to enter some code involving the mute key and #s:182. I called Samsung and was told that if service menu is accessed it would void the warranty, so tech support wouldn’t give me code even after I told himit was for calibration purposes. i read an article in Sound&Vision magazine Dec05 issue re my Samsung and they seem to have accessed the service menu, probably because they don’t care about warranties??? So the ISF Calibration tech left w/o having been able to properly calibrate the unit, said he was going to look into it and keep me updated. Do you have any suggestions I could pass on to he local ISF tech or sites to visit? Thanks….The saga continues! Gill