Is High Definition Necessary for Home Theater?

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I came across an interesting post at HD Beat today, asking if HD is a requirement for Home Theater.

It is not.

Just as 4 wheels and a combustible engine are not a requirement of transportation, a VHS VCR and 20″ crt TV can be a viable home theater.

It’s all in the perspective. 😉 (nobody said HT requires BLING, just don’t brag about your coax inputs…)

While HDTV, HD, and high definition are the buzzword rage, we need to know if we actually need HD for our home theater experience. It boils down to this – what will you be watching?

If you primarily watch DVDs and Standard Defition broadcasts (I like to call it ‘fuzzy tv’, but whatever) such as regular cable, HD is not for you. That is, unless you want to be future-proof. (Buy HD now for the content you may watch in the next year or two +.)

If you have digital cable or satellite, have HD channels available OTA (local broadcasts), want to get that extra 10-15% of pop from an upconverting DVD player, and/or play hi-res computer or console games, you need to seriously consider HD for your display.

It mainly boils down to this – whatever you feed it determines what you need. If you’re not sure, find out what is available from your cable or satellite provider. Chances are, if it’s available and you’re willing to try it, you’ll probably want it.

If you’re not sure what you’ll be watching, or you’re middle of the road for usage, consider the size of your set. The larger the set, the better quality image you’ll want to have. In other words, fuzzy TV is not quite so fuzzy when you’re at 23″.

HD is good stuff, but it’s not required for you to have a good home theater.

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