New ZoomBox from Hasbro

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hasbro zoombox dvd entertainment projector
Ok, first let me say this is not exactly a high-end piece of kit, but with Christmas just around the corner, this could be just what little Johnny needs.

If your kid has his own projector, maybe it will help you keep his dirty little hands off of yours.

Before we get into the details, let’s get right to the price – less than 300 bucks. Ok, now that your expectations will be more in line with what this thing is…

The unit has RCA video and audio inputs, enabling your crumb-snatcher to easily play video games or (gasp) VHS tapes.

Built in DVD player

Built in speaker

Resolution – 557 x 234

Lamp is weak, the room needs to be dark. Rated at 1000 hours.

“Just plug it in to a power outlet, pop in a DVD, aim at a white wall and start the unit. You’ll get a 5-foot diagonal image from 8 feet away.”

Ok, you know Junior doesn’t need HD quality while watching Nemo for 174th time. The size of the image should keep him occupied, and pretty soon, he’ll grow up to be just like Daddy.

Check this thing out, it is online for less than $285:


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