Panasonic PT-AE900U, Sanyo PLV-Z4, and Mitsubishi HC3000 Projector Comparison

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Projector Central has written a nice comparison piece on the three hottest 720p projectors currently available. Two of these models are LCD. I must confess I have been a DLP man up to now, but with the latest LCD performance of these two models, I am thinking about switching to the dark side. (I can feel the force growing stronger there.)

If you’re in the market for an HD projector in the 2-3 grand range, these are the units to check out.

Here are the final comments on each:

Sanyo’s PLV-Z4
This year, Sanyo’s PLV-Z4 has matched the 2.0x zoom range of its competition from Panasonic, and added the numerous other performance features noted above. For my tastes, it is an outstanding projector that outperforms every other 720p projector that we’ve put it up against so far, whether it be LCD or DLP.

The fact that it is also the least expensive of the new 720p products, as well as one of the few to include a standard 3-year warranty, is a strange anomaly in the marketplace to be sure. But someone at Sanyo decided to get very aggressive this year, and they did it in spades. It is difficult to beat the overall value proposition represented by the Z4.

Sanyo PLV-Z4 Full Review

Panasonic AE900
The Panasonic AE900 is also one of the elite price/performers on the market in the 720p category, selling for a very aggressive price in the low $2,000s. Many consumers will prefer it to the Z4 due to the absence of pixelation and its exceptional color accuracy.

Together with the Z4, these two models represent a one-two punch that will cause many people to question the traditional supremacy of DLP as the preferred video technology. Few people expected LCD to show this well against its DLP competition.

Panasonic AE900U Full Review

Mitsubishi HC3000
The Mitsubishi HC3000 is an aggressively priced WXGA resolution DLP projector with unique features that are absent from the LCD competition, such as native 768-line display and maintenance-free operation as far as filters are concerned. It is one of the lowest priced DLP products in this general resolution group, and produces a picture that is equal to or better than many more expensive DLP products.

Deep black levels and good shadow detail are strong suits, and for those who place a premium value on these picture attributes, the HC3000 is an excellent choice for the money. The optics produce some inherent restrictions as to where it can be placed to achieve a particular image size, but if it fits into your viewing space geometry it will produce a brilliant sparkling picture that will dazzle friends and neighbors.

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The New 720p Projectors
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