More Xbox 360s Are Coming

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xbox 360 console
According to microsoft, more xbox 360s are on their way. Hmmm, have we heard this before? I guess it’s only been a bit over a week since launch… but still.

Come on MS, where are those 360s!!

“We are shipping units constantly (we have chartered 747’s regularly flying in with units). Some retailers have a backorder wait list, and might not have units that will be on shelf for some time, and some retailers might allocate more units to one store over another, but all stores that have placed orders are getting replenishments regularly.

In fact, we have confirmation that units are on the ground and on their way to retailers this week. When those will go from our warehouses to retailer warehouses, then to retailer locations is largely up to those retailers, so there’s no easy way to say which store will get product on which day. You should call your local retailer to find out. We remain on track to ship 2.75 to 3.0 million consoles in the first 90 days.”

It’s interesting we don’t get any numbers for how many have shipped, or shipped this week.

Source – Xbox 360 Maniac

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