Rear Projection Sales Up in October

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Rear projection sales were up 3% in October, even though there was a 2.7% drop in shipments.

The average street price jumped 5.5% for the month, according to Rosemary Abowd, vice president of PMA. The key reason for this large increase was the dramatic growth in the proportion of sales coming from the 1080p resolution microdisplay-technology segment, which moved from 13% in August to 24% in September, and then jumped further to 32% in October, Abowd noted.

It seems the numbers are a reflection of the shift to larger displays with newer technology, like the Sony SXRD units.

“The portion of 50-55 inch models went from 32% to 36%, and accounted for 40% of the total revenues, up from 34% in September. The growing popularity of LCOS (liquid-crystal-on-silicon) models, including D-ILA from JVC and the premium-priced SXRD from Sony, also helped boost street prices.”

Rear Projection Sales and Shipments in October

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