LG LRM-519 Digital Media Recorder First Look

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lg LRM-519

Designtechnica take a first look at the new LF LRM-519 Digital Media Recorder, a DVR and DVD recorder in one unit.

The main job of this piece is to record TV shows on it’s 160 GB hard drive from the listings of Microsoft’s Program Service.

“Like a Tivo, the LRM-519 can pause and rewind up to 90 minutes of live television as well as fast forwarding and rewinding recorded programs. This programming can be burned onto a DVD via the LRM-519’s load tray and supports DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW and DVD+R Double Layer. LG’s device can also playback DVD movies as it is a progressive scan player.”

The LRM-519 can also serve as a digital media hub by allowing devices which have USB connections, such as digital cameras and MP3 players, to connect so their content can be accessed through the DVR. Media file formats supported through this method include WMA, JPEG and MP3. External USB hard drives can also be attached to expand storage memory options for recorded television programming. Through the LRM-519’s Ethernet port, the DVR can connect to a home network, wired or wirelessly, to access and share TV shows, photos and music with a Windows XP-based PC.

Interesting entry by Microsoft and LG, I will enjoy seeing how this thing pans out.

LG LRM-519 Digital Media Recorder Page 1 – First Looks – Designtechnica

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