Brillian 6501m – Rear Projection Product of the Year

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Brillian 6501m
PC Magazine Names Syntax-Brillian’s 6501m 720p Gen II LCoS HDTV Product of the Year

I haven’t seen much about this model yet, but it sounds promising:

From PC Mags’s December 27th issue:
“With a three-panel LCoS(TM) light engine at its heart, the 6501m has great views from most angles and an outstanding contrast ratio. Though it’s far from a plug-and-play TV, it has the potential to be the perfect home theater centerpiece.”

In another recent review of the Syntax-Brillian 6501m, Dr. Raymond Soneira, President of DisplayMate Technologies Corp. said, “Brillian produces the very finest 720p HDTVs available at any price and these same HDTVs make outstanding large screen living room computer monitors for surfing the web, digital photography, even fine detail work like spread sheets and word processing. It’s the Holy Grail of convergence and we’ve awarded Brillian a special Five-Star DisplayMate Best Video Hardware Award and Trophy for this impressive achievement.”

It’s interesting this award went to a 720p model. Remember, these are PC guys talking, so HTPC and other computer performance may have swayed them over dedicated home theater results.

Still, worthy comments and sources.


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