Review: Panasonic PT-AE900U LCD Projector

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Panasonic PT AE900U LCD ProjectoreCoustics have reviewed this popular Panasonic LCD projector, the PT-AE900U.

SDE (screen door effect), again is reportedly “under control” on this machine. A notorious problem for older LCD projectors, the new tech is finally here that puts LCD on a level playing field with their DLP brethren.

Rather than focusing on viewing of movies and HD material, this is a more technical review, with graphs for colors, gamma, luminance, etc.

Their conclusion?
“The Panasonic PT-AE900U is a terrific little projector. It has a good image quality, reasonable brightness and contrast, and all the preferred features, including Dynamic Iris and lens shift.

At the $2,000 price point, this Pannie is one of the projectors to beat.”

Yep, I’ve had it on the most popular list (top of the page) for a while now. Definitely a contender in the projector arms race.

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