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Sony VPL-VW100 Ruby SXRD ProjectorSony’s flagship SXRD front projector is the bomb, the bling, and yes it’s all that. This baby is finally shipping in numbers, and here’s a new review from UltimateAV. (Here’s the first VPL-VW100 review I covered from HD Blog.

They were not able to fully calibrate their test unit, and have titled this review Part 1. A couple of problems were noted, which is not unusual for a new production unit, but high praises are still ringing out for this gem of a projector. They will continue to evaluate this unit and finish part 2 when full calibration is complete, so check back for the final results.


As good as the blacks are in the VPL-VW100, they could be even better. The problem is with the evenness of the black level. It’s a little lighter in the corners—twice as high in the upper right hand corner as in the center—though still as good or better than any other digital projector I’ve measured.

Our sample also produced a rare but odd glitch. Four times in the 60 hours or so I’ve put on the projector so far, the image turned to a bright, multi-level white, with details roughly outlined by fields of multi-colored dots of noise. I don’t know how else to describe it. I would have loved to get a picture of it—it was startling when it occurred just as a fake dinosaur was being brought down in King Kong–but it only lasted a couple of seconds each time and would never repeat on the same section of program material. I’m virtually certain that this was a pre-production sample flaw, and did not appear to affect any other aspect of the projector’s performance (I mention it only because its our policy never to ignore any operational problem we experience with a product). Sony indicated that this same sample was demonstrated at CEDIA and an engineer there experienced the same problem—a good indication that it was a pre-production glitch in this specific projector. This sample, by the way, did not look anywhere near as good at CEDIA as it does in my system).


My final conclusions will have to wait for the completion of Part II. How well does the projector calibrate? What affect does the Advanced Iris have on the gray scale and gamma tracking? And I’ll have a lot more to say about my on-going experiences in watching real images, both standard and high definition, on this projector. Our usual Highs and Lows section will wait until then, too.

But if you can’t wait, I see little downside in taking the plunge. Those yet to be completed measurements may reveal a flaw or two we haven’t discovered yet, but it will take an earthquake (just kidding, San Andreas), to shake my enthusiasm for the VPL-VW100 so far.

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  1. alan hutchinson Says:

    As a side note the new sony vplvw50 has hit the streets and it’s alot like this pj but with a list price of 4999, street prices will be lower, there is no better time to be in the market for quality projectors at lower prices.