Pioneer PDP-4360HD Review

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Pioneer PDP-4360HD Plasma HDTV Here is one of the new Pioneer Plasma Displays I mentioned last summer.

This machine looks like a strong contender, but it seems Pioneer is still having a small bit of trouble will black level performance. That coupled with the additional price the Pioneer brand brings, you may be happier spending your cash (or debt) on a Panasonic.

C/net tell us what they think about the PDP-4360HD:

The good: Extremely accurate color; able to reproduce deep blacks; solid feature package; sleek, glossy-black finish; excellent connectivity, including two inputs for HDMI and three for component video.

The bad: Blacks still not quite reference quality; minor visible low-level noise in dark material; high-quality inputs share input slots.

The bottom line: Pioneer’s PDP-4360HD offers improved black-level performance and excellent overall picture quality, but it costs a bit more than the competition.

Pioneer PDP-4360HD Reviews

2 Responses to “Pioneer PDP-4360HD Review”
  1. Ahmed Says:

    Hi, just wondering why I seem to only get 480i from my Pioneer PDP-4360HD system, and what I need to do to make it 1080? My unit works through a receiver and I have digital cable through Starchoice. Not sure if I did something funny during the set up to make it only 480i…

    Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated

  2. Home Theater Dude Says:

    Is your digital cable box HD? If so, how is it connected to your set? (What type of cable.)