Review: BenQ PE8720 Home Theater Projector

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benq pe 8720 projector for home theater
Next up, a fresh review of the BenQ PE-8720 projector. This is a mid-range priced projector (current street price is under six grand), with high-end performance. ProjectorCentral runs one of these through its paces:

“The BenQ PE8720 is a premium class projector that is available for less than a premium class price. Overall performance is excellent, and the feature set is nothing to sneeze at. With the iris set optimally, black level on the PE8720 is deep and inky, and the shadow detail makes for a very three-dimensional image that seems to pop from the screen. Deinterlacing and scaling quality is excellent, and the picture is smooth and pleasant to watch.”

Here is a great description of the price and quality range placement of Benq’s new bling:

“It is difficult to assign a 5-star “value” rating for this model, for it falls between two classes of 720p resolution products. Compared to the high end 720p models from the boutique brands that sell for $12,000 and up, the PE8720 is an absolute steal–virtually comparable picture quality for half the price or less.

If this was the only competition, the PE8720 would get 5 stars for value hands down. On the other hand, the PE8720’s street prices of around $6,000 make it substantially more expensive than the economy range 720p projectors selling for under $3,000.

Though the PE8720 will outperform them in contrast and image sharpness, the lower priced units have gotten really good lately, and some buyers may understandably think that the incremental image quality you get from the PE8720 is not worth double the price.”

So, if you are considering the high-end range, this machine should be in the running. However, if you’re looking at your total bang-for-your-buck, one of the under-$3k models would probably be most pleasing to your eye and wallet.

Review: BenQ PE8720 Home Theater Projector

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