Vizio P42 HDe Plasma Screen Review

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Vizio P42 HDe
Budget plasmas from Vizio have become rather popular lately, with decent to good performance for the money.

You can spend a bit more and get more features coupled with a better quality image, but this is a great way to get into plasma now.

“At just under $2,000, the Vizio P42 HDe is the least expensive 42-inch high-definition-ready plasma on the market today. It’s the perfect size for most living room situations and, with its above average brightness and viewing angle, you’re sure to get a picture the whole family can enjoy. The P42 has a wonderful way with high-definition sources and DVDs, but it trudges along when having to deal with standard-definition broadcasts. Obviously, you can spend more and get more in terms of image quality and size and you owe it to yourself to shop around to decide which screen is right for you. If you’re looking to get into the plasma arena without breaking the bank, the Vizio P42 is a very viable way to go.”

Vizio P42 HDe Plasma Screen Review

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