HP md5880n 1080p HDTV Review

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HP md5880n 1080p HDTVHere is HP’s latest offering in the 58″ DLP rear projection category.

It uses the new “wobulation” technology, that I’m personally not quite sold on yet. It uses half of the pixels normally required to produce a 1080p image. With a mirror, the DLP chip reflects light to each half of the pixels in each frame, every 1/120th of a second. Sort of a “wobble” back and forth. It does have a better resolution than 1080i, and has less screen door effect, but I’m not sure it would stand up against true, native 1080p.

However, this unit looks to truly be a contender in its size and prize ranges:

Detailed, natural-looking image
Satisfying contrast and black level
Specified to accept direct 1080p input (not tested)

None of the pre-programmed color temperatures (Cool, Neutral, and Warm) are close to accurate
Rare, but occasional, color wheel rainbows
Slight pincushioning and vertical stretch

I am immensely impressed with this model from HP. This is a great debut for a company previously known mainly for its computer products; HP hit the target from almost every direction. I could live happily with this set—if not ever after, at least until the next big jump in video display devices, whatever and whenever that may be.

Ultimate AV: HP md5880n 1080p HDTV

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