DISH Network to Expand HD Channels

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DISH NetworkDISH network is to add several more HD channels to their lineup, bringing the total to 25 HD channels. Expect to see 5 more VOOM HD channels, ESPN2 HD, Universal HD as well as adding local major network affiliates (CBS, NBC, FOX, etc.) in many markets.

The addition is scheduled for February 1st.

Their current HD lineup consists of the following channels:
Discovery HD
HD Net
HD Net Movies
HD Pay-Per-View
Showtime HD
Animania HD
Equator HD
Film Fest HD
Rush HD
Gallery HD
Ultra HD
HD News
Kung Fu HD
Monsters HD
Rave HD

The new additions will include:
Universal HD
HD Locals
Family Room HD
Gameplay HD
Treasure HD
World Cinema HD
WorldSport HD
and Major Network Affiliates where available.

That’s the best HD lineup I’ve seen yet, I may just have to drop my cable provider.

Vist Dish Network to find out more.


4 Responses to “DISH Network to Expand HD Channels”
  1. Dish Network HD Channels Says:

    […] I have been looking for a better HDTV offering for broadcast tv, and I have found that DISH has the best coverage. They finally got their new HD lineup up and running. […]

  2. JTM Says:

    I have noticed the Portland, OR area (My Family), and the San Diego area (my Wife’s family) have HD channels listed as part of the local channel coverage for the DISH. I live in Omaha, not a tiny city, but we do not have the Local HD’s at all over the Dish. Anyone know why? City size and population? I hate the idea that my area just doesn’t get it because of that. I also hate the idea of adding an external antenna in lieu of the Dish that is already bolted to the side of my house.

  3. Wesley Says:

    I live in Cincinnati and have the same problem. I got DISH service about a week ago and am encountering problems like crazy with my local channels. I want them in HD – so I got the OTA Antenna installed…the channels show up in the program guide, but no show information comes through (just says “Digital Service.”) Also, with an OTA antenna, you can only record 1 show at a time on the major networks in HD – not pleased about that. I hope they get HD channels via satellite soon. Everything I’ve seen shows that Cincinnati was planned for 2006…but that has come and gone and still nothing.

  4. DJH Says:

    I too live in Omaha and shared your disappointment over Dish not carrying HD locals. But after visiting the Dish website I found a notice that Omaha was next to be added…..probably within the next month or so. So hang in there just a little longer.