Sony 60″ SXRD R60XBR1 Review

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Sony 60 inch SXRD KDS-R60XBR1
Here is yet another review of the Sony 60″ SXRD HDTV. This time up, the HTGuys.

Things they liked:

  • 1080p (upscaled picture)
  • Color representation
  • Sharp detailed picture
  • Very Good Contrast (great job with dark scenes)
  • Good Black Levels
  • Two HDMI inputs

What they disliked:

  • No 1080p input
  • Ugly cabinet. Speakers look like ears
  • ATSC Tuner performed so so
  • Performance with highly compressed content
  • Cost

“We really haven’t been too impressed with SONY’s offerings in the HD area. That is until we saw this baby. SXRD is based on LCoS technology which we really like for its smooth motion and dense pixel placement. This TV builds on these inherent strengths of the technology with SONY’s CineMotion® technology. The SXRD has spectacular color and great detail. It did a great job with dark scenes. When compared side by side with two other TVs (one DLP and another based on LCoS) the SONY displayed detail that the other two TVs missed. One of the best TVs we have seen! The only real complaints I (Ara) had were the cabinet was very big and the speakers stuck out like a sore thumb, there is no 1080p inputs and its a bit pricy at $4,500 US.The TV weighs 113 lbs (51Kgs) and is 21 inches (53 cm) deep. We can not definitively state that the HDMI input supports HDCP. There is no mention of this in the manual or at SONY’s site.”

Sony 60″ SXRD Review – HTGuys

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