Screen Innovations Visage Projector Screen Review

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mirage projector screen now called screen innovations VisageLast summer we caught wind of the Mirage Projector Screen from Screen Innovations, that filtered out ambient light, allowing us to see our projected image in a non-light-controlled environment.

Well, the product is now final, with the new name of Visage, instead of Mirage. Interesting change there, I guess they didn’t want it to seem like a projector screen, but not really.

Our buds over at Audioholics got to check this thing out, and it seems to work as billed. However, the bills part is the problem – you’ll need to cough up around 4 grand to sport this 92″ model under your HD goodness.

“The new breakthrough screen uses a patented high contrast filter that covers 60% of the screen surface. This enables the projected image to be reflected by the screen while at the same time absorbing ambient incidental light from other angles produced by windows and room lighting.”


The impeccable build quality, engineering and over all luxurious design of the screen make it an easy recommendation. We will be very sorry to see the new Visage screen returned to the factory. Watching Nascar on a 92-inch diagonal screen on Sunday mornings was an awesome experience. Going back to a 42-inch diagonal screen will be painful to say the least. The Visage screen is pricey but if you can afford the price of admission get it and you will go where no front projection system has gone before: into the light.

Well, if you can afford it, go for it. If you’re like me and shop with $3k or so projector budget, this thing is a bit out of the question. If I added the $4k to my projector budget, I could afford a light cannon that wouldn’t need this screen. Well, not as much anyway.

I’ve also read that this product has a much more limited viewing angle. So, if you have wrap-around seating, or use projection in a regular living space, this could be a big problem. Still, an innovative product that could push our tech forward.

Screen Innovations Visage Projector Screen Full Review

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