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toshiba hd dvd player hd a1

The new HD DVD player from Toshiba has been out for a bit, so we’ve had time for many people to check this unit over. I’ve scoured forum threads, user reviews, technical reviews and less than sufficient overviews of this piece of tech. Here is what I’ve found out about this unit so far:

Excellent Image
HD DVD has brought us the next level in Home Theater. The picture from this unit is usually described as better than D-VHS theater, or at least rivaling it. The source material (original film) is now the limiting factor for picture quality, not the media on which we store it.

Great Upscaling of Standard Definition DVDs Over HDMI
Those of us with big screen projection know that upscaling can give new life to standard definition DVDs, and this unit does it with great success. Image quality here is described as on par with or better than the popular Oppo unit.

Audio – Some Problems
There are a few qualms with the audio. First, the test tones are so loud, some have damaged drivers. Use a calibration disk here.

Secondly, some films (a few Universal titles were first noted) do not have the proper sound level, often being too low. This is not a big issue, and certainly not the fault of the player.

Lastly and most importantly, the way audio works on HD DVD is a bit different. The discs are not encoded with DD or DTS but Dolby Digital Plus, and they need to be encoded by a player before being sent to your receiver. This player cannot encode DD, so if you have an older receiver you may have a problem getting surround sound. You will need a receiver that accepts HDMI 1.1, 5.1 analog inputs or DTS via coaxial or Toslink optical connection. Otherwise you’ll have 2 channel PCM.

Useless Remote
The remote has various problems and is pretty much unusable. Since most HT enthusiasts have other all-in-one replacement remotes, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Output Only at 1080i
This unit’s picture is awesome at 1080i, but garbage at 720p. Toshiba clearly states to run the unit at the disc’s native resolution, which all have been 1080 thus far. However, if your set doesn’t handle 1080i well, it will be a problem.

The Big Screen Difference
If you watch movies on a CRT or non-big screen, you will not see as much of a difference. When viewed on larger plasmas, rear projection and front projector units, the difference is easy to discern. 36″ and smaller unit viewers will probably not fully see the new glory that is HD DVD.

Clunky Interface
The menus are terribly slow, and the unit takes about a minute to power up and start playing your flick. (This thing is basically a PC in a box.) Toshiba has already released a firmware update to address these and other concerns, and should be working on more improvements now. This is a small price to pay for the Next Gen home theater experience.

Other Miscellaneous Notes
6′ HDMI cable included
Ethernet port for easy firmware updates
Solid construction, “built like a tank”
Will not play SACD
Will play DVD-Audio but only outputs DTS stream

All in all, this looks to be a solid offering from Toshiba. It appears they have done a great job beating BD (Blu-Ray) out of the gate.

Find one for less than $500:

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    […] Just to make sure everyone knows, these units are exactly the same as the Toshiba HD-A1. The HD-D1 is black instead of silver, and the RCA model is simply a rebadged unit. Related topics: […]

  2. Wally Says:

    I had a Sony 57″ HD projection tv hooked up with this player. I just bought a hitachi 55″ plasma and could use the HDMI hook ups. This player has not worked the same since. I tried downloading the updates and now it won’t work at all. There is no picture with an HDMI cable but works fine with S-video. I was just about to throw it out the window last night after messing with it for a few hours.

  3. dee Says:

    Same problem here wally.