HP PL4272N Plasma HDTV Review

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HP PL4272N Plasma TV

Looking for a value priced plasma TV in the 42 inch size range? Check this unit out.

Resolution 1024 X 768
Inputs 2 Component, 3 HDMI, RGB, VGA
Tuner Single HDTV

This unit has a great picture for this price range, and is a worthy plasma contender.

The HP PL4272N is an excellent buy. Yes, you can do better by spending several hundred, or several thousand, additional dollars. But for solid performance at a price that will please your wallet, take a close look at this one.

HP PL4272N Plasma HDTV

19 Responses to “HP PL4272N Plasma HDTV Review”
  1. Alex Scoble Says:

    Hey HT Dude,

    Please do us all a favor by not talking about non-1080 displays. People buying displays of 42″ or larger should be getting 1080p displays these days.

    There’s no excuse for buying 720P at that size or larger these days.

    Plenty of 1080 displays to choose from. Prices aren’t much different and yes quality of a good 1080 display is that much better than a 720 display.

    Plus most content these days is in 1080 anyhow.

    So help people out by telling them good 1080 displays as opposed to pointing to 2 year old stuff.


  2. Home Theater Dude Says:

    Hi Alex,

    I respect your opinion, but I don’t agree. Unless viewing at 4-6 feet (or less), I think most people would be hard pressed to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p sets, side by side, on a 42 inch display. (All other things considered equal, of course.)

    Image quality is not measured by resolution alone. Contrast, color saturation and accuracy as well as optional features are all important factors when considering a display choice, not just resolution.

    I’d rather have a 42″ 720p with superior contrast and color, than a 1080 unit with just more resolution.

    You also have many 720p sources, which a consumer may solely be dealing with. (OTA broadcasts, HD Content providers, Xbox 360, etc.)

    In the end, if someone can save 100-200 bucks or more by going with a lesser spec because there is no perceptible difference, they are making a smart buying decision.

    – HT Dude

  3. SwingCorey Says:


    What about all the bad reviews of this system, e.g. http://reviews.cnet.com/flat-panel-and-plasma/hp-pl4272n/4852-6482_7-32313265.html?tag=sub or http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=666442&highlight=PL4272N.

    Apparently, this model has been discontinued because of problems with the TV. Just contact HP customer service, and they will tell you there has been a multitude of problems with this set.

  4. Home Theater Dude Says:

    Well, the single user report of a faulty set on cNet would not worry me. Sometimes a consumer electronics piece will be defective.

    The thread you linked is about the PL4260N and PL5060N models, from last year.

    This is the new 2007 model PL4272N, and I don’t see any complaints for this set in that thread.

    Do you have a source on this model being discontinued?

  5. David Brodzinski Says:

    I am very interested in this TV and may be purchasing one very soon. I saw the one user review on this TV that was negative and unfortunately that happens with all sets every now and then. Actually even the old version had great reviews and about a 85% excellent vs. negative review on CNET as well so I am not sure why this other guys is so intent on blasting a quality product that can go up against alot of current sets on the market and best them in testing results. See HOME THEATER MAG review dated 7/2007. I see one retailer show this set as discountinued…I think it was CDW website but I called HP and they didnt say that at all. Thanks

  6. WackyTVMan Says:


    If you read the review in full you would have seen that the customer states “When I did have a screen it was great!”. You can’t base a TV’s rating off of one unhappy customer nor can you base it off of a defective unit.

    If that were the case I guess xbox 360 is the worst gaming system ever created. They’ve had what – thousands of returns?

  7. David Brodzinski Says:

    There is now a total of three user reviews on CNET including my own positive review and one new additional postive one. FYI.

  8. David Brodzinski Says:

    I just got this Plasma and ITS GREAT SO FAR! WOW!

  9. Anonymous Says:


    I’ve had the PL4260N for 6 months so far and no issues. The PQ is v good especially considering the price.

    Doesn’t the PL4260N support 1080? An above comment said it doesn’t but cnet review and HPs own website said it does support 1080, maybe I’m missing something.


  10. HP PL4272N Plasma HDTV Quick Review Says:

    […] http://www.htdude.com http://reviews.cnet.com […]

  11. Unhappy HP Customer Says:

    I wish I had seen this site before I purchased an HDTV from HP.
    I had problems with this tv, but unfortunately thought it was service related. Spent months working with the cable service provider to eventually find out it was the tv tuner and other components that were failing.

    It took many painful calls and emails to HP to get them to give me a replacement unit. They shipped me a refurbed unit which ended up failing within 30 days!

    More calls, more emails to HP….more pain. While I did end up with a replacement, the model HP finally sent was of lower $$$ than the one purchased. But at least this 3rd tv seems to be working.

    I also learned none of the local HDTV service providers will touch an HP HDTV! They say that HP takes too long to provide them components.

    I also learned from HP support that in California they only have one authorized repair provider, which is located in Bakersfield. To clarify, it might be ok if your HP HDTV fails while in warranty – but I doubt many Californians would want to pay to ship/drive their tv to Bakersfield for service. I suspect the same happens in other places.

    It appears clear to me that HP shouldn’t be in the HDTV business.


  12. David Brodzinski Says:

    I have had this Plasma HDTV now for over a year and 1/2. It has been great. Picture is better than still many out there you can buy right now. I am very happy with my purchase.

  13. Sean Dooley Says:

    I have been looking for reviews on my tele, and have found this site useful. I have had my tv as well for over a year and a half. It has had a few problems that I am now dealing with best buy on getting it repaired/replaced (which the service company seems to think is going to be needed). There are green/blue pixels floating around on the right side of the screen, the input will jump to other sources without warning, as well as shut itself off every now and then. The repair company said that they are trying to get a power source for the television but that they are having problems getting one. I know that they are discontinued, but if you find this on the second hand market, I would stay away. That said, the picture has been beautiful. It is not 1080 quality, but for the average viewer, it is not a big deal at all. I have Directv, and they only broadcast in 720. My Blu-ray player is 1080, but I can’t tell a big difference between that and the xbox 360.

  14. miles Says:

    Worst tv purchased ever! I bought my hp hd42 on 2006. It died on me week ago.

  15. mike arnold Says:

    I have a HP PL4272N That I bought new in 2007. I have loved the set, great vived clear picture…then I saw a Blu-Ray played on a Sony Bravia LCD that a relative owns.I was floored.

    I borrowed the X-Box 360 Blu-Ray player, hooked it up to my plasma and was surprised to see none of the wow factor that was previously witnessed on said other television. I’m disapointed that the Blu-Ray picture looks like any other regular DVD.

    Is this a refresh rate problem? I thinking about selling the set over the principle.

  16. Home Theater Dude Says:

    Xbox 360 doesn’t play blu-ray. Were you watching regular dvd?

  17. mike arnold Says:

    You are correct. The unit used was a Play Station 3 w/ Blu-Ray. And yes it was a Blu-Ray disc. The latest Batman movie to be exact. I saw the movie on said relatives TV then brought the assembly with disc to my home and made sure all the hook ups where correct. The picture was in auto 1080P mode on the HP plasma.

  18. Home Theater Dude Says:

    Gotcha. In that case, the Sony may have higher resolution with better contrast and color depth.

    Do you know what model Sony?

  19. David Brodzinski Says:

    I just wanted to give an updagte after having this Plasma for Three years now. It has been a great HDTV. Everyone that come s to the house says they love the picture. I have been very happy. I wish HP was wstill prducing the Plasma Tv’s…I would buy another.