Projector vs. Plasma/LCD Displays

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I’ve heard people ask why would they want a projector over an LCD or Plasma display.

The short answer is: Size.

You can easily have a 90-120 inch screen in your home, ultimately providing your own theater experience. This does come with a few trade-offs, however. The setup, maintenance and controls are more involved on a projector and the viewing environment needs to be different. For example, your grandmother probably doesn’t want to sit in a darkened room or care to know how to select the correct input, aspect ratio, and adjustment preset on the PJ while matching output on your switcher/receiver/pre-pro setup. She just wants to flip the thing on and watch some Golden Girls, yer?

The beauty in an LCD TV or Plasma is just that – turn it on and it works. And the picture is grand – great clarity and colors. For general day-to-day viewing, this may be preferred, especially if you’re just plain lazy. (Nah, not you!)

There’s just something about watching and 8-10′, yes that’s FEET, screen in HD. Watching movies, TV series, and sporting events in glorious HD at this size is something grand you can’t just put into words and do the experience justice. I am just not interested in anything less anymore. I have some nice Sony units in my home (30-32″) that just don’t get used. I literally haven’t turned my main smaller unit on in months. If I’m going to take the time to watch something, fire up that HD DLP projector and I’m immersed in the world that is presented.

So, if you hate settings and tinkering for best picture, etc. you may be happy with a Plasma/LCD for the ease of use. But, for a fraction of the cost, you should be aware that you can have your own movie house in your home. If you’re not the do-it-yourself kind of person for technical or electronic equipment, consider paying someone to set it up and teach you how to use it. You won’t be sorry.

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  1. Jane - LA Window Chick Says:

    Thanks for the excellent review and recommendations. Do you have any ideas on where someone with a small space could hang a large screen? Is there a window covering that could double as a pull down? It just sounds fun to make an instant theatre system.