Wireless HDMI

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wireless hdmi Many people aren’t aware of a recent technology that’s available to help with connecting that new and huge TV in the living room. They get that monster Plasma, LCD or Projector set up and realize they have a problem with needing to get a hdmi cable from the component rack and around the room to the display. Not only can this be a huge inconvenience, but unsightly wiring or major cable runs are often simply not an option.

Enter Wireless HDMI. This tech is basically a wireless send and receive pair of boxes. One box plugs in to the source, usually a receiver or switching unit. The HDMI signal is then transmitted over the air to the receive box when then decodes the signal and puts it on the hdmi output at the display. Easy peesy.

These aren’t cheap units though, especially if you get the higher end ones. There is a wireless hdmi site available to help you pick the right stuff for your set up, so check it out for more info.

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