HD-DVD Launch Delayed by Toshiba

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Article – HD-DVD Launch Off Til ’06

The next-generation DVD format known as HD-DVD won’t be launched in the United States until early next year because of a lack of coordination between partners handling the hardware and software, a Toshiba official said Friday.

Hmmm, now that sounds pretty bogus. “Lack of co-ordination between hardware and software partners.” Huh?

And then:

The consumer electronics company, which is the major backer of the HD-DVD format said, however, that technology will be launched in Japan before the end of 2005 as planned.

So, let me get this right. Hardware/software coordination is going to hold off the US HD HVD release, but they’re moving right along with it in Japan? Can somebody explain how these two statements line up? I mean, does the software need to be translated into English to work on this continent?
blu ray vs hd dvd scales
Ok, I was pulling for this format, but this is really stupid. The biggest thing in this industry hd-dvd had going for it was lead time. Now they bungle that.

The scales continue to tip in favor of Blu-Ray. Let justice be done!

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