InFocus ScreenPlay 4805

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This is the current entry level HT front projector from InFocus. HTDude likes InFocus products, he was first attracted to DIY home theater by the ease of use and installation of the InFocus X1 projector.

infocus screenplay 4805

The Screenplay 4805 has been around for over a year, and can be had for about 800 bucks refurbished, or a grand brand new. (Don’t be cheap – get a new one.)

This DLP machine is based on the X1 chassis, and sports some similar components. However, this model has a widescreen aspect ratio and includes a 4x 6 segment color wheel.

Some of the vitals:
Native resolution: 854×480 Pixels
HD Compatibility: 1035i, 1080i, 720p
Image size: 32 to 256 inches
Throw distance of 5 to 33 feet

Inputs – Component, straight rca video (don’t waste yer time), and DVI

Lamp is rated at 3k hours


There are some reported odd quirks that could be fixed on the next firmware upgrade, if InFocus gets their act together on this. In all, a great PJ for the money.

2 Responses to “InFocus ScreenPlay 4805”
  1. ron_bolder Says:

    Would you recommend this unit for a beginner, is it a good starter projector?

  2. Administrator Says:

    Yes I would, this is a great starter projector for a beginner.

    Also, if you are new to front projectors, I recommend buying from a local retailer that has a good return/refund policy.

    You should be able to find a store with a 10-15 day full return on this type of item. If you find yourself in over your head, or you don’t like the specific product, that is enough time to check it out and return it.