New Onkyo TX-SR603X Succeeds TX-SR602

Onkyo TX-SR603X The Onkyo TX-SR603X replaces the TX-SR602 and not only adds more power, but also only requires an antenna for XM satellite radio, and offers direct connection the the Onkyo DS-A1 ipod dock charger.

This is a 7.1 channel receiver even comes with a microphone for automatic adjustment of channel levels and delays.

This line has proven itself worth of home theater applications, HTdude approved!

If you come across a review of this receiver, please let me know.

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Sony DAV-FX100W Review

sony dav-fx100w

ZDnet check out this HTIB (home theater in a box) for us. This rig gets a thumbs up of 7.3/10.

Personally, I’m not fond of wireless speakers, but for a non-audiophile rig such as this, it should work just fine. The review and other reader reviews commented on the bass being too boomy. Some like that, though.

The good: Dreamy HTIB design; five-disc slot-loading DVD/SACD/CD changer/receiver; HDMI output upscales to 720p/1080i video; wireless surround speakers; tower speakers.

The bad: Tricky setup menus make changing the subwoofer level a pain; tedious DIY speaker assembly; subwoofer sounds bass-heavy.

The bottom line: Sony’s revamped wireless Dream system ups the ante with cutting-edge features and improved sound quality.

Sony DAV-FX100W Full Review

Yamaha RX-V557 Receiver – Review

yamaha rx-v557About reviews this XM-enabled receiver from Yamaha.

Street price on this puppy starts at around $270, and I think it’s worth a look.


* Sound quality very good in both stereo and surround modes.
* Video signal conversion composite or S-video input to component output.
* Incorporation of an XM-Satellite Radio tuner
* Extensive speaker setup and adjustment options.
* Well designed front panel controls.


* No dedicated phono (turntable) input. (HTDude – what’s a turntable? 😉
* No Oscreen Menu Display option.
* No S-video or digital audio input on front panel.
* Needs a second AV input/output loop to accommodate both a VCR and DVD recorder or DVR.

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Yamaha RX-V2600 and RX-V1600 Receivers

yamaha rx-v1600

More CEDIA coverage – these receivers caught my eye. They have HDMI switching and upconverting features:

The RX-V2600 can convert 480p signals to HD resolutions (720p, 1080i), and is the first and only receiver in its class to offer the benefits of superior up-scaling technologies. These models also include HDTV (720p/1080i) compatibility via a component video upconversion feature, which can upgrade composite and s-video signals to component video format for ease of installation.

Also some interesting “zone” features for multi-room installs. Get your groove on all over the house.

For multi-room custom installations, power amp channels can be assigned in two ways:

* The first uses five channels for the Main Zone and two channels for Zone 2, for enjoying 5.1-channel sound in the main room.
* The alternative would be three channels for the Main Zone and two channels each for Zone 2 and 3, allowing users to enjoy music in all three rooms without the need for extra amplifiers. Music can even be heard in Zone 4 by using the Speaker B output function.

This unit comes with extra remote for another room. A man can never have too many remotes. High tech equipment that women aren’t qualified to handle – we just can’t get enough.

Great features at a mid-range price:
RX-V2600 to retail at $1,399.95
RX-V1600 to retail at $1,099.95

Units to be available in October.


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KEF’s new Ci 3-80QT In-Ceiling Motorized Speaker

ci_3-80qt ceiling motorized speaker This is one slick motorized ceiling speaker for home theater. Being an admitted control freak, I’m not one for this type of unit. I prefer moving speakers around to get the perfect soundstage.

But if you prefer form over function, this thing would definitely get the 007 look going in your HT. The motorized unit drops down from the ceiling when your system powers up. Let this baby drop down with your motorized screen in concert, and your guests will know just what that Dr.Evil-eye was all about.

Unit should be available next month for 500 bucks retail.


New Home Theater In a Box Systems from Samsung

Samsung’s new 5-disc HTiB systems all incorporate an integrated DVD Player/Receiver, a full set of high-quality surround sound speakers and a superb sub-woofer to transform any living room into a fully- functional digital entertainment center. Audiophiles will appreciate the wide center channel speaker that enhances dialogue prominence during movies so words do not interfere against background sound effects and music.

samsung home theater in a box

Ummm, I think audiophiles already appreciate what a center channel has to offer, and I doubt these packages would please a true audiophile’s ear. They do offer an easy way for beginners to get into home theater, and have some home theater PC functions without the hassle of a full-fledged HTPC.

The five-disc progressive-scan DVD players support multimedia files including DivX and MP3, as well as DVD Audio, WMA-Disc, CD-R/RW and DVD -R/RW. They also display JPEG images so viewers can watch picture slide shows burned to CD from digital cameras in the comfort of their living rooms instead of huddling around a small computer monitor.

We definitely want to grow this sport as much as possible, so I name this entry-level home theater in a box experience as worthy of the game.

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Phase Tech In-wall Speakers Review

Audioholics (gotta love that name) has a review of this inwall set. It is affordable and looks to be a good choice for a first in-wall set of 5.1s.

phase tech inwall speakers

The Phase Tech CI-20VII speakers show clearly that you don’t have to spend a bundle of money to get good performance from a home theater speaker system. The sound quality of the CI-20VII speakers make them a solid value, and their two-piece installation system makes it simple to upgrade to a better model in the future. They also have a small footprint, so they don’t take a lot of space on the wall. I would highly recommend the CI-20VII speakers if good performance is your goal without breaking the bank.

Overall, the CI-20VII in-walls are a great value, and when you can get performance like this for $1,000 for a five-piece entire system, it’s definitely worth your consideration.

The only thing missing from this 5.1 setup is the optional .1 part. The (not included) in-wall sub uses two 8″ drivers, which is not htdude approved. To get that rump-shakin rumble from explosions or just the bumpin beat from your tunes, I recommend two 10s or one 12″ driver, bare minimum. To get your audio right, don’t skimp on the bass.

Full Review

New Motorized Ceiling Home Theater Speakers System

speakercraft TIME speaker

When activated the speakers automatically drop out of the ceiling at angles 15, 30 and 45 degrees. They then rotate to any position to create the appropriate soundstage for the individual theater application. Time has multiple presets and is infinitely adjustable across the sound stage.

Now that’s the cool factor that’ll draw the WOW out of your HTgoers.

And it wouldn’t be a great addition to your lazy.. I mean home theater without some remote control:

A dedicated remote, the TCR, will be included to adjust the speaker angles and rotation and establish multiple presets. These presets will allow the end-user to address multiple seating locations and party modes as well as different music and theater preferences.

Prices don’t look too bad either:

The TIME speakers are sold individually and not in pairs so as to allow dealers to order them for 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 systems as needed. The TIME models One, Three and Five have an MSRP of $350 and $550 and $750 each respectively

The TIME Command Unit and remote control, which will control up to eight speakers, will be bundled together and have an MSRP of $250.

I look forward to hearing what these puppies can do.

From SpeakerCraft

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