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Toshiba HD-A20 1080p HD DVD Player

Toshiba HD A20 HD DVD Player Review

Toshiba have recently released a new HD DVD player, the HD-A20 model. This model is similar to the lower priced HD-A2 model, but adds true 1080p functionality.

What has been found, though, is the 1080p output is not really worth the price of admission. Unless this player’s firmware is updated with 1080p/24 output, or your display has poor 1080i deinterlacing, keep your cash and get the HD-A2.

Toshiba HD-A20 1080p HD DVD player

Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD Player – Pre-Order Now

Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD player
Pre-order is now available for the next generation of DVD players – the HD DVD player from Toshiba.

Several online merchants are currently taking pre-orders at $500.


NeuNeo 1080p DVD Player Review

NeoDigits NeuNeo hvd2085 Well, NeoDigits bragged to our Audio-imbibing friends over at Audioholics, and they decided to write a review of the NeuNeo 1080p upconverting DVD player.

I’ve already covered a NeuNeo review here and an avs review mention here. But, our thorough, HT-loving brothers at AA (hic) are a source of wisdom to count on.

– True 720p/1080i/1080p upconversion via component video outputs
– HVD support for true HD DVDs

– Poor deinterlacing capability
– No flag-less 2:3 error detection
– Fisher Price remote control
– Cheap aesthetics
– Soft Picture
– User manual missing key graphics in diagrams


We received an email from NeoDigits some time ago which prompted this review. In it they bragged a little bit about how this player didn’t have the ‘macroblocking bug’ because it didn’t use a Faroudja chip for video processing. While this is certainly true, the downside is that it also failed most of the video tests we ran it through. I think I’d prefer the macroblocking bug personally. Still, no Faroudja player I know of outputs 720p, 1080i, or 1080p from its component video outputs. Actually, I am not aware of any player that outputs 1080p at this point save Denon’s new $3,800 flagship DVD-5910Cxi with 1080p upgrade. The performance of the HVD2085 is akin to many HTPCs I’ve seen – great picture resolution, provided you don’t ask them to do anything fancy. If you’ve absolutely got to have a 1080p source or you have an older analogue projection system that can take HD over component but not HDMI, I suppose $249 isn’t too much to ask.

If you are interested in these types of features, I highly recommend you check out the Oppo OPDV971H:

NeuNeo 1080p DVD Player Review

NeuNeo HVD2085 Review

neu neo hvd2085 dvd player revieweCoustics take a look at this upconverting DVD player, which has caused quite the buzz due to being able to upconvert to 1080p.

– HDTV up-conversion
– 1080P support
– Region Free
– HDMI and VGA outputs
– Firmware upgradeable

– Lackluster design
– Childish remote control
– Expensive
– Does not come with an HDMI cable

“With a price over $200 dollars, the HVD2085 is on the high-end for a mid-range DVD player. Picture quality is good, and we like that the player is region free, but we just can’t justify the high price. Heck, for $245 dollars, Neo Digits should have thrown in an HDMI cable, instead you will have to pick up your own, and you can expect to pay more than $40 for a good cable too.

So what should you do? Well, if you will not be importing those foreign films and 1080P output isn’t that important to you, buy the Oppo Digital OPDV971H DVD player instead. For under $200 dollars you get a great DVD player and a DVI cable thrown in. The HVD2085 isn’t necessarily a bad player; it’s just not a premium name, so why pay for it?”

So, it sounds like the Oppo is the best way to go.

NeuNeo HVD2085 Review

LG DVB418 Upconverting DVD Player Review

lg dvb 418 dvd player review

LG’s DVB418 is the big brother to the DVB318, which I have on a personal install. I love the DVB318, it upconverts to 1080i over component and the output is great, offering more detail than standard 480p.

Let’s see how the DVB418 fares under the eyes of designtechnica:

High end appearance and styling
Rich features and audio/video output options
Excellent picture quality

No indication of resolution or HDMI mode available remotely.
Memory card picture playback is extremely slow
No video enhancement from the up-conversion processing
Does not come with a cable (HDMI)

The LGDVB418 DVD player is feature rich, very attractive, and intuitive to operate. The picture quality was excellent with both Component Video output and HDMI output. However, we were not able to discern that resolution up-conversion added anything to the video quality. This may be due to the high quality of the Hitachi plasma display in all resolution modes or it could simply mean that the LGDVB418 does not use any signal processing tricks to enhance the video quality during the up-conversion.”

Bummer, too bad it didn’t live up the the 318’s reputation. I fully recommend the 318, it can still be found at retail:

Full Review – DVB418

Religion Free DVD Player!

Tired of your DVD player spewing moral truth at you? Is God talking to you through your DVD collection?

Would you prefer a more palatable moral media machine? From the East, we give you, the Religion Free DVD Player.

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region free dvd player

There is nothing like an ad gone wrong, lost in translation…

From Gizmodo

Samsung DVD-HD950 Review

samsung dvd-hd950Samsung’s newest dvd player, the DVD-HD950 is one of the latest upconverting DVD players to hit the market.

Of note:

The new Samsung DVD-HD950 has unique features that can kick the butt of other players of its kind. It has an aspect-ratio control that can resize 16:9 and 4:3 content in several ways and can zoom and crop the picture to remove the thin letterbox bars from 2.35:1 movies or expand non-anamorphic wide-screen discs to fill wide-screen TVs. It also includes DVD-Audio and SACD decoding.


Good points: Plays DVD-Audio and SACD discs; slim design; jog/shuttle control on remote; upconverts to several high resolutions; aspect-ratio control; solid compatibility.

Bad points: Inconsistent image quality on horizontal-resolution tests; lack of smoothness on some difficult images; 768p output inactive.

Conclusion: Samsung’s DVD-HD950, a universal HDMI-upconversion DVD player, though falls a little short of videophile demands is a great and affordable DVD player. Technews gives the HD950 two thumbs up.”

Full Article

NeuNeo hvd2085 1080i DVD player

neuNeo hvd2085Wow, a 1080p DVD player – under 250 bucks!

Well, it’s actually 1080p over component, with a firmware upgrade for 1080p over HDMI. And then there’s the less than stellar review at AVS.


However, I wonder why I have to buy the player and then upgrade it? Why don’t they just do the upgrade themselves, that makes me wonder a bit.

NeuNeo HVD2085

Spotted at HDBeat

Oppo OPDV971H DVD Player Review

oppo dv971h
Audioholics has done an exhaustive review (whew! I’m tired after reading it!) of the Oppo OPDV971H DVD Player.

With an MSRP of $199, this is an afforable machine.

AH scores it:
Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Value Rating: 4.5/5

* Excellent video performance when using DVI output
* Basic DVD-Audio support
* Nice small form factor

* Component video outputs only support 480i
* Atrocious manual that goes through the settings labels without explanation
* Menu button on remote located out of reach
* Sub-par bass management and distance delay options for DVD-Audio
* Runs hot
* Slow button response and cycle time
* Inaccurate black/white level setting for factory default
* Macroblocking enhancement bug present when properly calibrated


This player has been hyped almost to the point of being the holy grail of DVD players. In all honesty, for the $199 MSRP it really is a great player. The differences come down to black level, build quality, audio capability, bass management, and the responsiveness and usability. For the price you really can’t pass up the video quality of this player – especially if you’re looking for a source component to match with a digital display.

Audioholics said it, you can believe it. HTDude approved. Full Review

HD-DVD Launch Delayed by Toshiba

Article – HD-DVD Launch Off Til ’06

The next-generation DVD format known as HD-DVD won’t be launched in the United States until early next year because of a lack of coordination between partners handling the hardware and software, a Toshiba official said Friday.

Hmmm, now that sounds pretty bogus. “Lack of co-ordination between hardware and software partners.” Huh?

And then:

The consumer electronics company, which is the major backer of the HD-DVD format said, however, that technology will be launched in Japan before the end of 2005 as planned.

So, let me get this right. Hardware/software coordination is going to hold off the US HD HVD release, but they’re moving right along with it in Japan? Can somebody explain how these two statements line up? I mean, does the software need to be translated into English to work on this continent?
blu ray vs hd dvd scales
Ok, I was pulling for this format, but this is really stupid. The biggest thing in this industry hd-dvd had going for it was lead time. Now they bungle that.

The scales continue to tip in favor of Blu-Ray. Let justice be done!