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DLP 1080p Chips for Projectors Arrive!

The news from CEDIA begins!

texas instruments 3 chip dlp

Texas Instruments at CEDIA today announced and showcased 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080) chipsets for the front projection market.

DLP 1080p resolution chips will be made available to customers for both single-chip and 3-chip applications, enabling incredible detail for the ultimate HD viewing experience.

Bring on the 1080p goodness from TI! T and I, much better than that other acronym T and.. well you get it.

Press Release

HT Out of the Closet – Cinego All-In-One Front Projector from Radio Shack

cinego from radioshack
This is a simple write-up about RatShack’s portable front projector theater system. Just when I thought they wouldn’t come out of the closet.

This unit is priced at 1300 big ones, and comes with a subwoofer. The video is reportedly not as good as Optoma’s DV10, but the price of this unit is a bit less with a better sound system.

Ratshack has a 10% restocking fee if you don’t like the thing, so be sure before you buy.

A Theater That Hides in Your Closet

Optoma MovieTime DV10 Portable All-In-One Front Projector Review

optoma dv10This is an interesting rig, an all-in-one front projector from Optoma. Talk about gettin’ it done, this thing has a built-in dvd player and a couple of small speakers.

The design warrants a tabletop or bookshelf mount, since you’ll have to access the dvd player. Obviously audio will suffer with 5-inch speakers, but this looks like a great unit for a portable setup.

This machine retails for $1495, and you can get an optional subwoofer.

If you’re new to the home theater scene and don’t want to worry about mounts and wiring dvd players up, etc, this could be the ticket to get your game on.

Or, if you are constantly on the prowl, like to do your thing when and where you feel the urge, this portable system could just rock your world.
“Come on baby, I’ll bring my bling to your house.”

Full Revew

Do-It-Yourself Projector Mount

I came across this Do-It-Yourself Projector Mount quick tutorial with photos today. It looks like a nice clean install, using a DIY mount plate and standard pipe.

The author describes two ways to make the mount, adjustable or fixed. I’m a little worried about the adjustable design, having a setscrew may not be enough to hold the smaller pipe with pj weight. I might be a bit upset to come home to my projector hanging by its umbilical co…I mean cables. (“My BABY!!”)

This design is easily modified, however. For example, one solution would be to drill another small hole through both pipes to make a more solid mount, once the height is properly set.

Still, a great way to make a mount.

Panasonic PT-AE700U

Next up, the Panasonic PT-AE700U Home Theater Front Projector.

panasonic pt-ae700u  projector

This LCD unit is a true widescreen projector with a native resolution of 1280 x 720, giving you HD in a native format. This projector came out last October, and has made a roaring success.

This machine has all the standard connections, and includes HDCP enabled HDMI input for your digital connection.
8 – 40 ‘ throw distance
40- 400 ” image size
With lens shift !

If I were going for an entry level LCD unit, this is what I would be looking for. It can had as low as 1800 big ones.

InFocus ScreenPlay 4805

This is the current entry level HT front projector from InFocus. HTDude likes InFocus products, he was first attracted to DIY home theater by the ease of use and installation of the InFocus X1 projector.

infocus screenplay 4805

The Screenplay 4805 has been around for over a year, and can be had for about 800 bucks refurbished, or a grand brand new. (Don’t be cheap – get a new one.)

This DLP machine is based on the X1 chassis, and sports some similar components. However, this model has a widescreen aspect ratio and includes a 4x 6 segment color wheel.

Some of the vitals:
Native resolution: 854×480 Pixels
HD Compatibility: 1035i, 1080i, 720p
Image size: 32 to 256 inches
Throw distance of 5 to 33 feet

Inputs – Component, straight rca video (don’t waste yer time), and DVI

Lamp is rated at 3k hours


There are some reported odd quirks that could be fixed on the next firmware upgrade, if InFocus gets their act together on this. In all, a great PJ for the money.

Front Projectors

front projector
Front projectors are the heart of any real home theater. Sure, you can get a great picture with plasma and lcd screens, and relatively big screen with a rear projection model. But you can’t go no big mamma mondo screen, as big as yer wall, unless you go with a big daddy front projector.

Sure, there is great tech out there, and just about any grandma will love it when you let her in to visit. But if you really wanna beat the Jones’, having the boys over for the football party where nobody can stop looking at the players bigger than themselves, you will be Da Man.

This is the HTDude Display Type of choice, so let’s take some time away from watching the bigscreen and look over the major front projector players currently on the market.

iSuppli: Front-projectors focus on consumer market at InfoComm

Front Projectors growth to skyrocket over the next few years.

The consumer segment represents one of the fastest-growing, high-volume areas for front-projection systems. Consumer front-projection shipments are expected to expand to 3.7 million units in 2009.