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Carmack digs Xbox 360 – dogs PS3

When John Carmack speaks, the game industry listens. This guy is like the Yoda of first person shooters, game widsom great has he. John has made some very strong statements about developing for Xbox vs. PS3. I was very intrigued with what he had to say:

According to Carmack, Xbox 360 is “the best development environment” he’s seen for a console, telling the assembled Quake fans about the usefulness of the development tools and architecture of Microsoft’s next console. Conversely, he expressed doubts regarding the PS3’s hardware architecture, claiming that early work on games for the hardware “will initially be disappointing” and that it will take time for developers to fully get the most out of the machine’s parallel processing power.

Whoa, that’s pretty telling of which system will take off more quickly with new development. He did pull Sony back out from under the bus though, and dust them off a bit:

He wasn’t completely down on Sony, however, explaining where PlayStation 3 had a potential advantage over the Xbox 360: “The particularly interesting thing on the other side of the fence with Sony is that they are at least making noises about having it be an open platform. This has always been an issue I disliked about consoles. I don’t like closed development platforms and the fact you have to be a registered developer. I’ve always loathed that aspect. It’s why I’ve always preferred the PC market, so we can do whatever we feel like – we can release mission packs and patch things – all of this good stuff that you’re not allowed to do on consoles.” Although he admitted that it wasn’t clear how or if this openness would work, it was clearly something he would embrace if it existed: “If you had something like the Amiga used to be, which was a fixed format with a graphics focus, that would certainly be very interesting.” And this was clearly his perceived advantage for PS3, saying that “Microsoft are certainly going to have nothing to do with” such an open attitude.

Hmm, I see the balance of power swinging in Big Bill’s favor…


Xbox 360 Accessories Revealed

xbox 360
Many of us are anxiously anticipating the first HD console for the masses.
Now we know what we’ll get in the box, and for what we’ll have to scrounge to complete our rig.

Included accessories:
One Wireless Controller
Xbox Live Headset
Ethernet Cable – gee thanks!
Hard Drive (20 gig)

Optional accessories:
Additional controllers/headsets
AV Cables – svideo, VGA or component. No DVI?!?
Console Faceplates
USB Wireless adapter
Additional harddrive
Wired controllers
Various charging systems for wireless controllers:
– rechargeable batt pack
– play & charge kit
– quick charge kit
Memory unit with case
Remote control for multimedia functions

I like the fact you have options for wireless or wired for both Live connectivity and controllers. Choosey HTDudes choose choice. Sometimes we like wires, sometimes we don’t.

Accessories Article

Also noticed this lucky dog got to play with the new console first hand. I would have gone to test the system myself, but I was busy running my world.

Anyways, he has lots to say about it, one thing I noted: Jaw-dropping Ghost Recon 3 graphics. There just is nothing quite like being in the bush, hunting down terrorists and commanding your troops. Yes, I love my alternate reality.

Nintendo confirms it has “no plans” for its next-generation console to support HDTV.

Wow, Nintendo sits this generation of the console wars out, as far as HD is concerned. This is huge news for HT enthusiasts. HT Dude is quite confused!

“There currently are no plans for Nintendo Revolution to support high-definition video output,” said Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo of America’s vice president of marketing and corporate affairs. While promising more Revolution details would be revealed “soon,” for the moment, Kaplan would only give a vague reason for her company’s decision. “We have thoroughly considered the best means of video output for the system and are dedicated to delivering the best hardware possible to meet the demands of our consumers,” she said.

Revolution sitting out HD Era? – News at GameSpot