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Radio Shack HDTV Tuner STB Clearance

radio shack 16-3499 hdtv tuner
There are still a rare few of these tuners left at various Rat Shacks, for $90.

Radio Shack 16-3499, the Accurain HST 6000

480p -720p – 1080i outputs

Some people are reporting a few problems with tuning certain stations, but what do you expect for hdtv tuning for 90 bucks.

Check your local RS for availability – call them, their website is not accurate for this product’s stock. I also advise asking about the return policy in case you have a problem with it.

Radio Shack Product Link

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Brits to finally get HD!

uk to get hdtv!
Our brethren across the pond are finally going to get a taste of what real TV is all about! Ok, so they might need some programming too, but first things first.

Sky showcases high definition TV
Sky has unveiled the services which will be made available on its High Definition (HD) TV service from 2006.

The broadcaster has said that viewers in the UK will be able to pre-register for HDTV from 26 August – making them the first in the country to receive the service.

Sky estimates that by the end of 2006, almost two million HDTV sets will have been sold in the UK.

‘Bout time. I guess this goes to show how we yanks are still ahead of our dark-ages ancestors. Hmm, I guess that goes without saying.

BBC Article

ABC To Interrupt HDTV Feed

I’ve read a couple mentions of ABC’s feed interruption. I finally found an affiliate with a comment on it.

While it performs upgrades at its HDTV release facility, the ABC television network will be interrupting its HDTV feed to its affiliate stations beginning Tuesday, Aug. 23, and continuing through Friday, Aug. 26.

ABC will be replacing their HD router. At least this (hopefully) won’t interrupt the Monday Night Football game.

WMTW – ABC To Interrupt HDTV Feed

Fox Plans 2 HDTV Channels

fox networks hd tv

Fox Networks is planning to launch two High-Definition TV channels next year: a high-def version of the National Geographic Channel and “Fox HD,” which will feature programming from several Fox channels, including the network and the FX channel… HD National Geographic Channel will launch in January. No launch date was given for Fox HD.

Yeah, baby! Can I get an “Amen!” from my Home Theater lovin’ brethren out there! Foxy baby, bring it on! This is great news, HD TV continues to grow steadily.


HDTV Sports Listings & News – 14 day Schedule

Get yer game on! Need to know if the game’s going to be in HD? This site lists most major sporting events broadcast in HD on the major networks, for the current 14 day window.

Have your plan at the ready, no need to leave these spots open on the calendar. The boys will thank you, and you might save yourself from that wonderful trip to the mall/wedding/apple-picking/whatever that could be stealing your prime HDTV lovin affair time.

HD Sports Guide – HDTV Sports Listings & News