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Wireless HDMI

wireless hdmi Many people aren’t aware of a recent technology that’s available to help with connecting that new and huge TV in the living room. They get that monster Plasma, LCD or Projector set up and realize they have a problem with needing to get a hdmi cable from the component rack and around the room to the display. Not only can this be a huge inconvenience, but unsightly wiring or major cable runs are often simply not an option.

Enter Wireless HDMI. This tech is basically a wireless send and receive pair of boxes. One box plugs in to the source, usually a receiver or switching unit. The HDMI signal is then transmitted over the air to the receive box when then decodes the signal and puts it on the hdmi output at the display. Easy peesy.

These aren’t cheap units though, especially if you get the higher end ones. There is a wireless hdmi site available to help you pick the right stuff for your set up, so check it out for more info.

Optoma HD80 1080p Projector Now Available Under $3K

Optoma HD80 1080p Projector
Optoma have brought us our first 1080p DLP projector under three grand, and this beaut is now available in local stores.

Seen as low as under $2500, the maximum HD resolution for truly big screen viewing is more affordable than ever for DLP.


Brightness 1300 ANSI Lumens
Resolution Native 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Contrast Ratio 10,000:1 (Max)
ANSI Contrast 518:1
Inputs Two HDMI, DVI w/HDCP, S-Video, Composite Video, Component Video, RS-232, +12V Trigger

Pilfering through the end user reports and reviews at AVSforums for this unit, we find very complimentary statements such as:

After spent a few hours playing with HD80 last night, all I can say is this is one hell of a projector! Highly recommended to anyone whose looking for a best image quality at a lowest possible price.

It is a very nice machine, I think almost everyone would be happy with it.

the picture is just gorgeous with great blacks. It looks good with minor adjustments.

I’d recommend the HD80 to anyone looking for a powerful projector with high resolution.
We watched some movies tonight that I thought would be so/so but not so on this projector. Things looks very good,

Right now I’d say this is the 1080p DLP to get.

I’d expect this PJ to be a huge seller for the videophile looking for a lower priced deal market.

I was quite impressed. It was VERY bright and VERY sharp. I didn’t notice anything wrong with the colour. It was well saturated, and primaries and secondaries seemed to be in the right place.

I am still looking for an in-depth pro review, as I don’t have my hands on one of these units yet, so stay tuned.

Optoma HD80 Product Detail

Toshiba’s ET20 all-in-one 5.1 Surround, DVD Player Projector

toshiba et20

Toshiba has announced the all in one ET20 projector/5.1 surround system/dvd player. And yeah, it looks like E.T. to boot.

I’ve never been fond of all-in-one units of any variety, but for some this is request. I guess if you live in a box, grabbing all your gear in one swipe can make it easier to relocate.

This thing is expected to be available next month, I’m curious how it will (under)perform. Not to have a biased opinion, that is…

Engadget – Toshiba’s et20 all-in-one 5.1 surround DVD projector

LG. Philips 100-inch LCD

100 inch LCD
Yes, ladies and gents, size does matter.

Here is the bling king of LCD – the 100″ display with 5 ms refresh and 3000:1 contrast ratio. Plasma, look out baby.

Though this is a prototype, it shows it can and will be done. The question is how soon, and for how much.

I, for one, can’t wait……

Source – Engadget

Panasonic AE900U Projector Deal

Panasonic PT-AE900U LCD Projector
Henning over at HDBlog found a great deal on the Panny PT-AE900U projector through Visual Apex.

You get the projector with a 2-year warranty, plus a bonus blockbuster rental card for $1548 after rebate. This projector normally runs around 2 grand, so that is a steal.

Check it out – Audioholics

Source – HDBlog.net

Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD Player – Pre-Order Now

Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD player
Pre-order is now available for the next generation of DVD players – the HD DVD player from Toshiba.

Several online merchants are currently taking pre-orders at $500.


DISH Network to Expand HD Channels

DISH NetworkDISH network is to add several more HD channels to their lineup, bringing the total to 25 HD channels. Expect to see 5 more VOOM HD channels, ESPN2 HD, Universal HD as well as adding local major network affiliates (CBS, NBC, FOX, etc.) in many markets.

The addition is scheduled for February 1st.

Their current HD lineup consists of the following channels:
Discovery HD
HD Net
HD Net Movies
HD Pay-Per-View
Showtime HD
Animania HD
Equator HD
Film Fest HD
Rush HD
Gallery HD
Ultra HD
HD News
Kung Fu HD
Monsters HD
Rave HD

The new additions will include:
Universal HD
HD Locals
Family Room HD
Gameplay HD
Treasure HD
World Cinema HD
WorldSport HD
and Major Network Affiliates where available.

That’s the best HD lineup I’ve seen yet, I may just have to drop my cable provider.

Vist Dish Network to find out more.


MPAA Admits to Unauthorized Movie Copying

mpaa admits to dvd copying
The MPAA, staunchest opponent to DVD pirat…I mean backup, has been caught doing just that – illegally copying the documentary film, This Film Is Not Yet Rated.

“This Film Is Not Yet Rated looks at the motion picture ratings system created and run by the MPAA. Director Kirby Dick submitted the film for rating in November. After receiving the movie, the MPAA subsequently made copies without Dick’s permission. Dick had specifically requested in an e-mail that the MPAA not make copies of the movie. The MPAA responded by saying that “the confidentiality of your film is our first priority.” ”

“Dick later learned that the MPAA made copies of the film to distribute them to its employees, despite the MPAA’s stance on unauthorized copying. Ah, there’s nothing like the smell of hypocrisy in the morning-apparently the prohibition against copying films without the copyright owner’s consent doesn’t apply to the MPAA. A lawyer for the MPAA justified the organization’s apparent hypocrisy by saying that Dick had invaded the privacy of some MPAA staffers, which justified the MPAA’s actions.”

Bwahahaha – that’s great! Dick’s prior privacy invasion is a blank check for them to retaliate! Ok, I just love this logic.

I guess if we pay for crap movies, we get the justification for illegaly obtaining copies of other movies?

Parallel logic, no?


Aquavision – Bathroom Theater

bathroom tv Home Theater Room display – check
Den/Living Room TV – check
Bedroom TV – check
Kitchen – check
Guest room(s) – check

… just when you thought your household TV installs were complete, along comes Aquavision, giving you a new vision for complete TV coverage in your home.

Waterproof flatscreens!

No more excuses for being late, not cleaning your personal crevices or missing the last 5 minutes of the latest game.

Widescreen versions are available in 17 & 23 inch sizes with heated screens that won’t fog.

Floating remote included!

Ok, now what? Waterproof DVD players? This opens up an entirely new market…

Shower in Style – Gizmodo

Netflix to Offer HD DVD Rentals

netflix hd dvd rentals
Netflix announced today that it will support HD DVD when the format launches in late March.

“With Toshiba’s new high-def DVD player now available to be ordered for March delivery at several leading online and big-box retailers, a number of Hollywood studios have announced plans to launch both new and catalog titles on HD DVD beginning late that month. Warner Home Video said at the recent Consumer Electronics Show that it will introduce 24 titles in HD DVD on March 28. Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment and The Weinstein Company made similar announcements. ”

Good deal! Netflix is jumping on the next-gen bandwagon, as it sounds like they are open to supporting BD (Blu-Ray Discs) when that format launches as well. Hmm, I might need to up my subscription soon…

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