HTPCs (Computers) HD-3000 HDTV PC Tuner Card Review

pchdtv hd-3000

$170 HD-3000 PCI high definition television tuner card supports over-the-air HD broadcasts and even some HD cable, as well as standard US television.

Note: The tuner is officially supported only in Linux, but the company graciously includes experimental drivers for Windows too.

I’m not sure I’d want to depend on linux guys for windows support (especially experimental support), but if you like your htpc box with penguin style, this card is worth a look.

Full Review at Newsforge

Mucho Blingo! Multi-Image Display for Home Theater

superview 3000 setup

[For this sytem] The SuperView 3000 video windowing display processor was chosen because it could display up to 12 video windows on the screen, and it could save window configurations as presets.

The SuperView processor is wired to receive nine HI-DEF satellite feeds which include local cable channels, a DVD player, and a computer. The combined signal is sent to an 6.75′ x 9′ screen fed by a JVC SX-21U projector . A Crestron control system makes it simple to operate.

The SuperView processor was the perfect solution to enable the family to watch multiple events simultaneously without having to change channels. The configuration presets make it easy to switch screen layouts when they want to view a different number of feeds, and to switch screen priorities when they want to assign a larger portion of the screen to a particular event. The Frieman family confirms that they are very happy with the system.

Happy with their system? You think? Man, to be a kid in the Frieman house! Where was this stuff when I was a kid? It sure smokes “kick the can.” Question is, where’s the xbox? Maybe little Johnny stays busy upstairs memorizing the encyclopedia.

This processor is over 12 grand. I wonder if I should start charging for all the NFL events at my house this season…

Multi-Image Display for Home Theater

Free killer apps for your HTPC

RayL Jr., special member (no, not short-bus-to-school special) of AVS forum has started an awesome list of great apps for home theater computers. It has been maintained and updated to include just about anything you might need for working on and using your home theater PC.

I think everything is covered, from general utilities and even bargain shopping for media, to specific software for HTPCs and audio/video.

Thanks, Ray! You’re special to me too. I don’t know about the “member” part though…

Free killer apps List

Beginners Guide to DVD Enhancement via HTPC

I came across this tutorial for tweaking your DVD output via your Home Theater PC. I really like the before and after photos, especially Yoda – “With home theater strong, that one is.” I could just hear him say.

The way they set the photos up is a little weird, but very effective. Let the page load and then mouse over an image, wait a moment (or 20 if you’re on dialup) and the after picture will load. You can see the difference easily by mousing over and away from the image.

You can really see the difference a tweaked HTPC can make. Get your clarity on!

Beginners Guide to DVD Enhancement on a HDTV via Home Theater PC