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Sony Qualia 006 SXRD RPTV Review

sony qualia 006
Looking for a rear projection unit, and budget is not a restriction? (man I love it when money is no object!)
The Sony Qualia 006 is the answer.

At 70″ diagonal with a resolution of 1920×1080, and weighing in at 463 lbs with stand, this widescreen is one big, bad mamma-jamma. Nothing says bling like a big honking permanent screen! And at this size and weight, let’s see some dopehead try to carry it off.

SXRD stands for Silicon Xtal (crystal) Reflective Display. [This technology] does not use backlighting, which means the pixels can be placed closer together (there’s no need for the addressing circuitry to run between the pixels), eliminating the “screen-door” effect that is so common on LCD sets.

So with this tech, Sony has eliminated the #1 problem with LCD – SDE (screen door effect.) It’s not every day a corporate behemoth makes such strides in technical excellence.

Bottom Line
This television offers high-definition images as precise and pleasing as I have ever seen. That is the crowning achievement of the Qualia 006. Its portrayal of DVDs was not perfect but generally superb. It could not portray conventional NTSC TV in a manner I found pleasing to watch. But all in all, this may be the best rear-projection television out there.

‘Nuff said.

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Samsung LTP468W LCD FlatScreen with 1080p

samsung ltp468w lcd flatscreenThis baby is the first 1080p lcd at the size of 46″. Someone just try to tell me bigger ain’t better. You go Samsung.

Yes, it’s big.
Good brightness in well-lit room.
Looks good even when turned off. (can your woman do that?)

Green shift on dark scenes/areas.
Some color banding.

Not the best choice for a light-controlled viewing room, but when you need brightness or have no control over light, give this unit a good look.

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Phase Tech In-wall Speakers Review

Audioholics (gotta love that name) has a review of this inwall set. It is affordable and looks to be a good choice for a first in-wall set of 5.1s.

phase tech inwall speakers

The Phase Tech CI-20VII speakers show clearly that you don’t have to spend a bundle of money to get good performance from a home theater speaker system. The sound quality of the CI-20VII speakers make them a solid value, and their two-piece installation system makes it simple to upgrade to a better model in the future. They also have a small footprint, so they don’t take a lot of space on the wall. I would highly recommend the CI-20VII speakers if good performance is your goal without breaking the bank.

Overall, the CI-20VII in-walls are a great value, and when you can get performance like this for $1,000 for a five-piece entire system, it’s definitely worth your consideration.

The only thing missing from this 5.1 setup is the optional .1 part. The (not included) in-wall sub uses two 8″ drivers, which is not htdude approved. To get that rump-shakin rumble from explosions or just the bumpin beat from your tunes, I recommend two 10s or one 12″ driver, bare minimum. To get your audio right, don’t skimp on the bass.

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