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Another One for the Blu-Ray Camp

universal music

Universal Music Group is the latest company to get behind the Blu-ray optical disc, announcing its support for Sony’s next-generation media format this week.

Yes, blu-ray, the current next-standard war contender. Not Blue Ray, from down the way.

Other basic info in the articles explains Blu-Ray and the difference between that and standard DVD. Substandard HTduder fare, we got it.

Wired: Source

HD-DVD Rollout for Xmas Losing Steam

Bummer news today as HD-DVD, once touted as the next new bling for your rig, is losing some of its much needed Christmas push.

Paramount Pictures was to release 20 titles, is now committed to none.
NBC Universal plans to release around a dozen, down from 16 releases promised.
Time Warner has no definite plans and wants the format war worked out. (yeah, don’t we all!)

Toshiba will likely have the only stand-alone hardware in retail channels for the holidays, at around a grand.

This may not mean much to Joe Htdudes in general, but this kind of slack in the push towards the next tech will hurt. Why? Because the bling-kings who buy on the bleeding edge, taking the hardest hit for Joe Consumer, won’t be snapping this stuff up at Christmas time if it ain’t on the shelf.

Maybe a format negotiation would be best for this industry. I’ll stick my screwdriver up for that.


Upcoming High-definition DVDs

I found this decent write-up about the current state of affairs with the next level of DVD format, the new betamax war!

Behind the Blue-Ray front lines

Mfgs: Hitachi, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Zenith
Studios: 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Co. and Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Electronic Arts and Vivendi

In the HD DVD Camp
Mfgs: Toshiba, NEC and Sanyo
Studios: Paramount pictures, Universal Pictures, New Line Cinema, HBO and Warner Bros.

Blu-ray will be out in 2006. HD DVD has said they will be out in (the fourth quarter of) 2005, but we question that and think it will not be feasible. We think they wont be out until next year.

Nothing earth-shattering here, but a good synopsis.

High-definition DVD technology promises sharper home theater

Interesting comments at the end of the article about VOD and downloading movies. The quality sucks right now, definitely nowhere near getting your HT groove on there.