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HP PL4200N 42″ Plasma HDTV Review

hp pl4200n plasma

The PL4200N looks to be one of HP’s better plasma offerings. Cnet Reviews:

The good:
Deep blacks result in excellent contrast ratio; solid video processing with 2:3 pull-down; comprehensive feature package.

The bad:
Poor color decoding; somewhat limited connectivity; can’t change aspect ratio with HD sources.

The bottom line:
Despite some trade-offs in color fidelity, the HP PL4200N delivers a surprisingly solid picture with excellent blacks and plenty of punch.

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Sony KLV-S26A10 26-inch BRAVIA LCD HDTV Review

sony klv s26a10 I came across a review of Sony’s 27" LCD 720p offering, another great looking screen. As always, you have to pay for the Sony name, but you get the Sony quality.

The Good: Excellent picture quality; immense versatility thanks to a nice variety of inputs; beautiful, minimal design.

The Bad: Like all LCDs, it can be difficult to make out details in darker scenes; the weak speakers will do in a pinch, but they lack power and clarity; second- and third-tier brands hold a clear advantage in terms of price.

The Verdict: You may find similarly sized LCD HDTVs with more attractive price tags, but you aren’t likely to find any with better image quality.

The only truly noticeable picture quality issue with the KLV-S26A10 is its rendering of blacks — a problem suffered by all LCDs. Liquid crystal displays require a backlight to illuminate the screen. As a result, all colours — including blacks — are the product of projected light, meaning black is never truly black. This makes it difficult to make out detail in darker scenes that feature shades of grey that are close to black.

Sony has taken a couple of measures to combat the black problem. The most basic is a black correcting feature, which helps deliver truer blacks but doesn’t really work to fix loss of detail in dark scenes. A more effective — and time consuming — approach is to adjust display settings according to the circumstances. The KLV-S26A10 provides users with a wide range of image adjustment controls, but I found minute adjustments to the brightness setting often helped bring out detail in darker scenes without sacrificing much in the way of black values.

Sony KLV-S26A10 Full Review

Sharp Unveils 11 New LCD TVs – Halts CRT Sales

sharpSharp finally gives up CRTs and announces several new LCD TVs. Ok, now let’s just get the rest of the world on new tech and we’ll be set.

Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. announced today that it has ceased all sales of cathode-ray televisions (CRTs), and has sold all remaining stock in Canada.  Sharp says it will focus on the marketing of its AQUOS line of LCD TVs, and today unveiled 11 new AQUOS LCD TV models, ranging in size from 26″ to 45″, and extending its total LCD TV offering to 22 models. 

The 11 new models feature a myriad of styles, and all contain Sharp’s high-resolution, low-reflection Advanced Super View (ASV) LCD panels, produced at Sharp’s Kameyama factory in Japan.  Sharp explains that this proprietary technology includes anti-glare Black TFT technology, allowing viewers to watch “crisp and vibrant images without glare, even in the harshest lighting conditions.”   All AQUOS models, the firm claims, absorb 98.5 per cent of all ambient light, and offer high brightness and contrasts ratios.  The AQUOS also has a 170-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle, meaning viewers can clearly view the screen from just about any angle or position.  

Read “Sharp Unveils 11 New LCD TVs – Halts CRT Sales”

Gateway FPD2185W 21″ Widescreen LCD

Gateway FPD2185WGateway has a new 21” LCD widescreen model available. Not a huge screen for home theater use, but it’s always good to see new widescreen products.

Gateway Inc., the nation’s third largest PC manufacturer, today introduced a new 21-inch widescreen LCD flat-panel display blending innovation with value.  Packed with features, the Gateway FPD2185W brings the benefits of high-definition viewing to anyone wanting a spectacular visual experience for work or play, priced at just $599.99. The Gateway FPD2185W combines powerful performance with high-resolution display qualities, and is the first computer monitor to employ a new Genesis Microchip  controller with an integrated Emmy award-winning suite of DCDi(R) by Faroudja video processing technologies for stunning images with precise detail, color and motion.

Source On sale at the Gateway Store

First 65-inch 1080p Plasma HDTV from Panasonic

panasonic 65 inch dlp plasma

Panasonic, the leading brand for which Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is known, today announced it will launch the world’s first 65-inch 1080p (progressive) high-definition (HD) plasma TV TH-65PX500 / TV-65PV500 on November 1 … in Japan.

In line with a bunch of other new “firsts,” Panny’s upcoming 65″ DLP plasma offering, the Panasonic TH-65PX500 (TV-65PV500) , is sure to please. “The high-end model of the VIERA TV line has two built-in digital and two built-in analog tuners.” Wow, 4 tuners – how many PIPs is that?

No mention of a US release here, come on Panny where is the love?

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6th Generation Plasma Panels from Pioneer

pioneer pdp4360hd

Two new PureVision plasma televisions introduced today by Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

The new whiz-bang tech includes “newly designed Crystal Emissive Layer” and “Pioneer’s PureDrive II circuitry” with claimed result of the improved contrast ratios and black levels.

The Pioneer PDP-5060HD and PDP-4360HD should be available in September – estimated prices $6,000 and $4,500.

Bring on this Fall, Papa wants a new set of toys.

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Samsung LTP468W LCD FlatScreen with 1080p

samsung ltp468w lcd flatscreenThis baby is the first 1080p lcd at the size of 46″. Someone just try to tell me bigger ain’t better. You go Samsung.

Yes, it’s big.
Good brightness in well-lit room.
Looks good even when turned off. (can your woman do that?)

Green shift on dark scenes/areas.
Some color banding.

Not the best choice for a light-controlled viewing room, but when you need brightness or have no control over light, give this unit a good look.

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Sony’s New Flat-Panel LCD HDTV Line

sony klv-s32a10 lcd hdtv

Sony Electronics today announced that new 32- and 26-inch flat panel LCD HDTVs are now shipping. The KLV-S32A10 and KLV-S26A10 models round out Sony’s “S” series, which also includes models ranging in size from 15 to 23 inches already on the market.

“Our new models provide outstanding picture quality and are a great value for those consumers yet to embrace HDTV,” said Greg Gudorf, vice president of television marketing for Sony Electronics.

Cool, these products may be a good way to entice new people to jump on the HDTV train. But at 32 inches, I can’t help but think BIGGER is better.

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Flat-Panel Screen Market Set to Double by 2008

Flat-Panel Screen Market Set to Double by 2008

flat panel

“The global LCD market is expected to grow from US$48 billion last year to US$70 billion in 2008,” said Souk Jun-hyung, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics, during the IMID event in Seoul yesterday.

I really don’t think it will take that long, unless the economy really nosedives. I think we are experiencing the snowball effect, and pretty soon everyone will be asking, “Have you hugged your flatscreen today?”

Westinghouse Goes Supersized with New 37-inch LCD Monitor

I have two simple rules for LCD monitors, they gotta be big and they gotta be sharp! This new offering from Westinghouse may be worth checking out.

Connect the Westinghouse 1080p 37-inch monitor to any HD cable or satellite box or PC and the picture quality is stunning,” said Douglas Woo, president of Westinghouse Digital. “Until now, the 1080p technology was available only for advanced commercial applications such as high-resolution medical imaging and studio monitors for high-definition video editing. Now consumers can choose from the first line of LCD displays for the mass market to offer a ‘true’ high-definition digital viewing experience.