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Screen Innovations Visage Projector Screen Review

mirage projector screen now called screen innovations VisageLast summer we caught wind of the Mirage Projector Screen from Screen Innovations, that filtered out ambient light, allowing us to see our projected image in a non-light-controlled environment.

Well, the product is now final, with the new name of Visage, instead of Mirage. Interesting change there, I guess they didn’t want it to seem like a projector screen, but not really.

Our buds over at Audioholics got to check this thing out, and it seems to work as billed. However, the bills part is the problem – you’ll need to cough up around 4 grand to sport this 92″ model under your HD goodness.

“The new breakthrough screen uses a patented high contrast filter that covers 60% of the screen surface. This enables the projected image to be reflected by the screen while at the same time absorbing ambient incidental light from other angles produced by windows and room lighting.”


The impeccable build quality, engineering and over all luxurious design of the screen make it an easy recommendation. We will be very sorry to see the new Visage screen returned to the factory. Watching Nascar on a 92-inch diagonal screen on Sunday mornings was an awesome experience. Going back to a 42-inch diagonal screen will be painful to say the least. The Visage screen is pricey but if you can afford the price of admission get it and you will go where no front projection system has gone before: into the light.

Well, if you can afford it, go for it. If you’re like me and shop with $3k or so projector budget, this thing is a bit out of the question. If I added the $4k to my projector budget, I could afford a light cannon that wouldn’t need this screen. Well, not as much anyway.

I’ve also read that this product has a much more limited viewing angle. So, if you have wrap-around seating, or use projection in a regular living space, this could be a big problem. Still, an innovative product that could push our tech forward.

Screen Innovations Visage Projector Screen Full Review

Huge HDTV, Tiny Price

hdtv projector screenIGN gets it! Well, almost.

They buy a $450 projector, and build a screen for $80 to end up with a 9 foot TV! That’s what home theater DIY is all about, baby.

Now, they didn’t exactly end up with HDTV, you can’t get a native HD projector unless you get close to the $2k range, but these machines can still produce an awesome image.

And for some gaming goodness these guys desire? A 9 foot screen can’t be beat.

IGN: Huge HDTV, Tiny Price

Da-Lite Designer Contour Screens

da-lite contour electrol
More CEDIA coverage by Audioholics (Thanks guys! now get your your AH meeting… hic)

Da-Lite has easily installed electric screens that maintain stiffness. We all hate that limp noodle feeling, especially on our HT screen, right? Here’s Da-Lite to save the day.

Matt Teevan showed us a slick motorized screen that, unlike many competitor screens, maintained excellent stiffness when fully extended. This is definitely a solution to check out if you wish to hide away the screen while not in use. Best of all its relatively easy to install, even for non techies.

Da-Lite Designer Contour Screens – CEDIA coverage by AudioHolics

Da-Lite Countour Electrol at Da-Lite’s Website

Mirage Projector Screen – More Info

mirage screen for front projectors

We’ve got more info from CEDIA about the mirage projector screen that works well with lots of ambient light.

If you haven’t heard about this material, it could be the Front Projector Cave Dwellers’ dream come true.

“The manufacturer claims 10x higher contrast ratios than standard front projection screens and 2x the brightness.”

The screen features:

Support for all optical front projection formats (LCD/DLP/LCoS)
Capability to have projection in brightly lit rooms
10x higher contrast (in ambient light) than standard front screens
2x brighter images
50 customer frame options
Screen sizes from 60″ – 100″ (4:3) or 60″ – 120″ (16:9) in 1″ increments

Shipping will probably bite your wallet, as the screen must ship as a full sheet – it’s very think and can’t be rolled up.

These screens should be available in November.

I can’t wait! This should be a very wife-friendly purchase. “Just think Babe, you can knit beside me while I watch the big screen!”

Audioholics source

bubsdaddy “Deck Theatre” – Outdoor Home Theater

bubsdaddy Deck Theatre
I’ve seen a lot of posts about outdoor theaters lately, and this is one of the best I’ve seen – if not the best.

A true DIY project with a terrific end result:

After constructing my “Woods Theatre” I decided to try out the Parkland Plastic for a deck screen. I bought a 4′ x 8′ sheet of Parkland from Menards for $13. I bought 8 firiing strips and painted them black. I used black wood screws to fasten a frame to both sides of the Parkland. I cut the length of the Parkland to 85″ for a 16:9 screen. I use bungee cords to secure the screen to the rails of my deck.

I may just have to get into this outside (hmmm, does that make sense?) thing yet.

More photos and discussion:
My “Deck Theatre” – AVS Forum

More photos and forum just for backyard theaters:
BackYard Theater

DIY Projector Screen using Blackout Cloth

home theater tools
I came across this quick tutorial that explains how to build your own screen for front projectors, using blackout (BO) cloth.

You basically make a thin wooden frame and stretch BO cloth onto it with staples. This blackout cloth can be commonly found at cloth retailers. It is normally used to line drapes to block out sunlight.

It’s another popuilar way to make your DIY home theater screen.

Parkland Plastics Duro-Therm Panels – Another Great Screen Alternative for DIY

I have used parkland plastics material before for a cheap alternative for front projection screens. Sirquack at AVS (thanks Duck!) forums mentioned another Parkland product called Durotherm Lite panels. This looks like another useful alternative, and could be easier to mount.
parkland plastics durotherm lite panels
Look for it at your local home improvement store.

Durotherm at Parkland Plastics

Carada Criterion Projector Screen Review

carada criterion screen

  • Excellent customer service
  • Magnificent construction, fit and finish
  • Elegant design
  • High screen performance for all types of projectors
  • Huge bang for the buck


  • None

This reviewer really liked this screen, it looks like a great value for the quality, and it was wife-unit approved! Carada is definitely on the htdude approved screen list.

Carada Projector Screen Review

New Mirage Screen Takes Projectors Out of the Dark

new mirage screen material

The Screen Innovations Mirage Screen features a patented high-contrast filter that covers 60% of the screen surface. This filter allows the projected image to be reflected by the screen and effectively absorbs incidental light from other angles from such sources as windows and room lighting. As a result, the screen is virtually unaffected by ambient light.

Wow, just when I got used to sitting in my cave to watch the big screen every night! At least the product won’t be available until later this year, so I’ll have time to adjust my pupil training.

This should extinguish many arguments with wife-units, and allow for front projector home theater systems to peacefully co-exist in the domesticated home. Schwing! One for the boys.