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Voice Activated Universal Remote – InVoca

Are you tired of lifting your finger when you want to change channels? That 12 ounce mega remote got you down? For all those who wondered why those whacked out inventors stopped when they made the remote control, relief is now here…

Now, do you only not have to get off your lazy bum to change channels, you don’t even need to lift a finger!

The all new voice activated remote control!!! Just what I always wanted!

Features include:
– Easy voice-prompt setup and multilingual operation
– Control your TV, VCR, cable box, satellite, or home theater with your voice
– Converts spoken words into infrared remote control signals
– Recognizes 50 voice commands and performs multistep functions with 8-in-1 operation
– Provides personal voice commands for up to 4 family members

Now I know what I want for Christmas.

via Coolest Gadgets

ColorVision SpyderTV Review

SpyderTV HTGuys just took a look at the ColorVision SpyderTV.

If you’re like me, and you think anything is worth doing to the utmost perfection – at almost any cost, this thing is for you, too.

It basically attaches to the HDTV screen and detects when your set is optimally adjusted, taking a lot of guesswork out of the process. They ain’t cheap, at around 250 bucks, but it’s one of the tools of the trade, if you’re in it to win it.The entire calibration took about 30 minutes and was simple to do.

The experience consisted of making a selection on your DVD player, starting a measurement, and then making an adjustment on the TV. There is no subjectivity to the process. The only limitation is that the only inputs that can be calibrated are those that you can connect to a DVD player (same is true for the DVE DVD). What you can do for the inputs that you can not connect a DVD to is start with the settings from the DVD input and then make adjustments by eye if necessary,

The SpyderTV is an easy way to get the best picture out of your TV.

SpyderTV Review

New Motion Seating Loveseat

d-box quest motion simulator seat

D-box has just announced a new loveseat model for their home theater motion seating line. I have yet to try one of these things out, but they sound fun:

Quest integrated motion seating features a new version of our patented, award-winning motion simulation technologies built into each chair.

Utilizing two (2) direct-drive SynDrive motorized Actuators (mounted into the rear of the arms) and a front center pivot point they provide dramatic, thrilling motion effects combined with high-quality seating for the most immersive viewing experience of your life.

Big screen – check
Mammoth Surround Sound – check

What’s missing? – Motion seating! Let’s get ready to rumble….

d-box quest motion simulator

Press Release

Great Gift Idea for HTDudes

dvd stand I’ve been wondering what I might want for Christmas, as I know everyone will be asking soon. (I never have an answer, if I want something I just go right out and buy it.)

Need an HTDude gift idea? This type of dvd carousel could be the ticket. We normally don’t buy these static, wooden type of contraptions, as there is no way to tweak it, plug it in or connect it to our other components.

A dual-win for wife-units who are tired of drawers full of piled up DVDs.

Your Own Drive-In Theater

Here’s a novel concept – instant drive in theater by Nico Roscoe:

In this digital day and age there are a lot of ways to enjoy movies. Computers, DVD players, portable video players and media centre computers are just some of the means through which your movie experience might come together, and consumer grade video projectors are getting better, cheaper and more portable by the day.
instant drive in

I don´t know if I am the first one to come up with this idea. Probably not, but I am serving it to you in any case… Why not recreate some of that outdoor film splendor known as the drive-in, only this time on your own terms?

Found this gem over at Sponbustion magazine.


Cuddlebag – Great Home Theater Seating

cuddlebag HT seating
These huge bean-bag sofas look like they could be some seriously comfortable HT seating. Bags are available up to 8 feet in length and come in 9 different colors. Not too pricey either.

Imagine your friends coming over – “That’s a SEAT?” But when they fall into it…

Better yet, next time your wife just wants to “cuddle,” say sure Babe! And flip on the front projector…

Cuddlebag Furniture

Wife Friendly Home Theaters

bella online

Several popular home improvement shows have produced some great episodes regarding home theaters. If you missed seeing them on television, you will be able to read the printed version online. Many of the stories have excellent video clips which help you visualize the topic and solutions being discussed.

Having trouble convincing your wife-unit that the Home Theater ceiling and walls needs to be flat black? While many men will agree that no colors or plants or shiny stuff is needed, our women just might not see it that way. Those of use who have learned to go beyond “Why!?” and know to simply take the information provided and move on with it, here are some great ideas for home theaters that won’t disturb your feng shui.

Bella online, “the voice of women” ssshhhh it’s ok, have rounded up 5 tv broadcasts for you. Good luck men!

List of 5 shows with transcripts/videos.

bubsdaddy “Deck Theatre” – Outdoor Home Theater

bubsdaddy Deck Theatre
I’ve seen a lot of posts about outdoor theaters lately, and this is one of the best I’ve seen – if not the best.

A true DIY project with a terrific end result:

After constructing my “Woods Theatre” I decided to try out the Parkland Plastic for a deck screen. I bought a 4′ x 8′ sheet of Parkland from Menards for $13. I bought 8 firiing strips and painted them black. I used black wood screws to fasten a frame to both sides of the Parkland. I cut the length of the Parkland to 85″ for a 16:9 screen. I use bungee cords to secure the screen to the rails of my deck.

I may just have to get into this outside (hmmm, does that make sense?) thing yet.

More photos and discussion:
My “Deck Theatre” – AVS Forum

More photos and forum just for backyard theaters:
BackYard Theater

Quote of the Week

From signature of mnbees at avsforum:

“Life is what we make of it. Make it better with HT. ”

Right on! Nothing improves the quality of your life like your own Home Theater. Of course I could be biased…

Coaster Home Theater Seating Powerbuy

coaster seating I came across a recent powerbuy at Audio Video Science for killer home theater seating from Coaster. These seats are designed with HT in mind.

I checked a couple of these models out at local dealers earlier this year, and they seemed well fit for the task. My wife-unit didn’t approve, since there would be a divider between us. For some reason of which I have no clue, she’d like to be closer.

However, you single guys or those of you who, ahem, might not want to be that close to that “special” someone, this could be the ticket.

Powerbuy Link