New Motion Seating Loveseat

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d-box quest motion simulator seat

D-box has just announced a new loveseat model for their home theater motion seating line. I have yet to try one of these things out, but they sound fun:

Quest integrated motion seating features a new version of our patented, award-winning motion simulation technologies built into each chair.

Utilizing two (2) direct-drive SynDrive motorized Actuators (mounted into the rear of the arms) and a front center pivot point they provide dramatic, thrilling motion effects combined with high-quality seating for the most immersive viewing experience of your life.

Big screen – check
Mammoth Surround Sound – check

What’s missing? – Motion seating! Let’s get ready to rumble….

d-box quest motion simulator

Press Release

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Panasonic Introduces Customized Frames for Plasma TVs

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panasonic custom plasma screen framesHelping the WAF (wife approval factor) worldwide, Panasonic now offers custom frames for select plasma screens. Look for 8 different styles for select 42 and 50 inch panasonic plasma models.

Frames will be available in gold, black, pewter, mahogany, walnut and antique white, and should retail between $399.95 and $499.95

Browse the various frames at

Press Release

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HP Pavilion MD6580 Microdisplay

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HP md6580n At the Digital Life 2005 expo, the HP MD6580n Microdisplay takes Best of Show for the Home Theater category.

This 65″ DLP 1080p unit is a beauty, and currently retails for 5 grand.

Hp Pavilion MD6580 at HP

Digitallife 2005 Best of Show

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Picky Thieves Choose HDTV

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A store in Joplin, MO has had quite a few items go missing, $44,000 worth to be exact.

The burglars were selective about what they took, the assistant manager said, and they shied away from larger appliances such as refrigerators and stoves.

Instead, the thieves went for televisions, digital camcorders, digital video-disc recorders, car stereos and digital cameras. Stolen were 18 television sets in all, according to the police report.

The projection televisions ranged in price from $1,899 to $4,000. The plasma TVs bore price tags from $1,400 to $3,000, and the liquid-crystal display sets ranged in price from $700 to $1,500.

The most expensive of four digital cameras taken was worth $900.

Six camcorders valued from $330 to $1,050, two car stereos worth a combined $920 and two DVD recorders worth $500 and $460 completed the electronics haul.

18 TVs, and only 6 camcorders, 4 cameras and 2 car stereos. Worth per pound means the TVs were probably quite a bit more of a hassle, but choosy thieves choose HDTV.

Is this a new type of HD-crackhead? I wish them luck catching the criminals.

News Source

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Media Center Platinum HDTV Edition

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Media Center Platinum HDTV Edition
This media center PC looks like a great choice if you’re in the market for an HTPC, but don’t want to build one yourself.

Base price of $2500 includes:

– Digital Video Recorder (better than TiVo*), including over-the-air HDTV
– Record up to FOUR programs at once (2 SD** & 2 OTA HD)
– Up-Converting DVD player (plays back DVDs at your TV’s resolution)
– Music jukebox
– Internet radio
– 7.1 channel Intel High Definition audio (analog and digital out) including Dolby Digital Live (converts 2 ch source to 5.1 channel in real time and output via S/PDIF)
– Photos slidehows
– High Definition gaming (try doing that with your Xbox or PS2)
– DVD and CD burning (burn your favourite TV shows to DVD)
– Multiple room capable
– Remote record (schedule TV recordings over the Internet from anywhere in the world)
– Stream your content to another PC or handheld anywhere in the world (using Orb Networks)
– Xbox 360 ready (!)
– Microsoft Media Center Keyboard
* In many people’s opinion…
** Requires two set-top boxes

The unit comes in a clean, black case. Options include larger HHDs, up to dual 500 gigs – 1 TB and dual HD tuners for a reasonable $100.

Definitely worth checking out.

Media Center Platinum HDTV Edition from s1Digital


Samsung HL-R5078W Review

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samsung hl-r5078w

I noticed Crutchfield has a review of Samsung’s DLP 50″ rear projection 1080p HDTV set.

Features include “dynamic iris” which helps with the blacks, OTA and cable HD tuners, 2 HDMI inputes, and 2 firewire ports.

Street prices are currently starting around $2600.

Samsung hit the nail on the head
The HL-R5078W does so many things so well that it’s hard to come up with even minor complaints. (OK, it would be nice if the remote control was backlit, but that’s about it.) It combines hot technology (1080p resolution, dynamic iris), high-performance HD tuners for over-the-air and cable signals, plus the connections you need to enjoy current (and future) high-definition sources. ”

Full Review


Great Gift Idea for HTDudes

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dvd stand I’ve been wondering what I might want for Christmas, as I know everyone will be asking soon. (I never have an answer, if I want something I just go right out and buy it.)

Need an HTDude gift idea? This type of dvd carousel could be the ticket. We normally don’t buy these static, wooden type of contraptions, as there is no way to tweak it, plug it in or connect it to our other components.

A dual-win for wife-units who are tired of drawers full of piled up DVDs.

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Hitachi 42HDT52 Reviews

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hitachi 42hdt52 Hitachi’s new UltraVision 42 inch 42HDT52 plasma screen conjures up a decent review at cnet. The machine is designed with motorized swivel stand. Now that’s a useful feature, not.

This thing is second from the top of the Hitachi line, but doesn’t quite measure up to the $4400 list price tag. However, it can be found for less than $2800:

The good: Solid video processing with 2:3 pull-down; separate Day and Night memories per input; comprehensive connectivity; extensive feature package; power swivel stand.

The bad: Expensive; incorrect color decoding; poor black-level performance; visible false-contouring artifacts; no PC input.

The bottom line: While the Hitachi 42HDT52 plasma is full-featured and downright beautiful to look at, its image quality doesn’t quite measure up to that of the tough competition.”

HTdude says keep on looking.

Hitachi 42HDT52 Full Review


Sony VPL-VW100

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Sony VPL-VW100

I’ve seen a couple more news clips about Sony’s upcoming projector, the VPL-VW100. This thing should be the cat’s pajamas with 3, yes count ’em – 3 SXRD chips producing a whopping 1920×1020 resolution.

This 1080p bad boy should be nothing but bling! on your screen.

This is the latest and greatest in front projection from Sony, and is expected by end of the year. (Maybe in time to put it on Santa’s list?) Let’s see, if I’m a good boy from here on out, maybe the rest of the year will be forgotten…

Sony VPL-VW100 spec sheet (PDF)

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Sony KDS-R50XBR1 Review

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sony KDS-R50XBR1

I stumbled across this great writeup for one of Sony’s new SXRD rear projection HDTV models. This is a 50″ job that runs about 4 grand.

This model represents the second line offering SXRD, after Sony’s Qualia offerings which require at least one rich dead uncle or primo lottery ticket to afford.

This review gives an 8/10.

I love this TV. It has almost everything that a person could be looking for out a large screen set. Besides having crappy sound, I have no major issues with it. The blacks are not incredible, but they aren’t bad ether. I would like to start seeing front HDMI ports on higher end TVs but that is not something to mark this TV down on. The jacks are spread out but at least there is every kind a person could need.

If you are looking for a great picture from DVDs and HD, consider this TV. Sure it is expensive, but man the picture is amazing.

Overall Score: 8 out of 10

Full review – HD Beat
Found Via HDBlog

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